pan Behold,
we are encompassed by mystery.
And all that in which we find no mystery
is a fixation of a concrete vision.
sarah plastic & glass 981021
emsie at the camp I used to go to, there was this big slab of concrete, right in front of our cabin, in the middle of a field. It was a really weird place to have concrete, but we made it our place to hang out. I have wicked memories of the slab... 990630
typhoid maybe the canoe was concrete? 000209
Q sometimes my imagination does run wild, but i'd never imagine that 000209
camille words can be concrete,
mortar to build upon
or to encase
unhinged my life is no longer concrete
like a dream
it could have all ended quickly
but i'm still here
and i'm not sure why
i'm sure there were other
people out there that night
that should have been saved and weren't
but i'm still here
and now i feel like i'm in debt
to something i can't even see
two chances in seven months
makes me think i have something to do
more important than the squandering
that has taken place so far
i've always known she watches over me
but this is surprising
it could have been luck
it could have been love
but i'm still around
and every day now is just a test
MollyCule . . . no matter where or when or how i wake up, part of me is always going to be asleep on concrete . . . 010128
evil bird shoes

Lake Mead is only a couple hours drive
Alexander Beetle wants to play the drums If it's not already a band name, it fucking oughta be. 011028
sphinxradio sometimes, no, there's too much of it, and all you really want is a good tree. 011104
nemo concrete angles were watching our sins 011215
nemo concrete angels were watching our sins

(i misspelled angels)
kim of solid ground
thick unmoving, unswaying
reitoei the stuff of people, of cities, of mighty skyscrapers and filthy prisons. there is the idealistic beauty of the counrty side and then there is the cold hard truth of urban concrete.
hard and cold, it is the igliest aspect of humanity. and it doesnt hold bloodstains
ever dumbening TED DREWES 020114
mahayana -math+ 020419
silentbob loves you laid 020419
ditzy_goth_gurl did u hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
proving natures laws wrong it learned to walk without having feet
funny it seems but by keeping its dreams, it learned to breath fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete, when no one else even cared.
z invented by the romans 050804
nomme) hydraulic 050804
Doar Are you slave?, to each abandoned community?

Each fist striking a kidney, a face, an honour.

Are you a slave, to your buying, your bringing, your salavation?

Make your soft presences a wind,
and press your mind, press it with a mending, the numbers are noneven, popping a 2 a 10, do you remember your number?

Mine is buried in a fire waiting to be put out.

I can taste dark,
the drink is coarse.

Kneel and watch.

Drink me,
watch the lines within yourself.

what's it to you?
who go