texas All of us are slaves, but not to eachother. You can only be a slave to yourself... to desires and irrationality. None of us is a free man, instead, we are all children reaching for a toy on the top shelf that we can never hope to grasp. We push ourselves, seeking out impossible goals... I want to be an astronaut... I want to be a good person... I want to make lots of money. It is all ludicrous; all we have is our own imperfection and morality to grab... but we cannot accept it and instead become slaves to what we hope to be but never will. I cannot appreciate myself. I say I will be happy once I get the new toy but if it comes all I can see is the one on the next shelf. And it never ends. Ambition is pointless... there will always be another shelf... another toy... it is only foolish pride which drives us on. 000823
a chains, prison, black, lost, hopeless, whip, opression, opressed, free, escaped, dove, open, gone 000823
typhoid blah blah blah greed blah blah blah curiosity? 000823
gwyllynne ::warm smile, rush of happy memories::

after being assigned my own slave name
after being conditioned and trained
after all the struggles to achieve the next level
after all of these things, pushing even furthur was found the euphoria of knowing that everything will be and is absolutely o.k.

walked into slavery willingly
walked away reluctantly but with a smile in my heart
keeper i long to be yours and call you master 010328
smw why do you have to tempt me and torture me all at the same time.

being so infatuated with you is driving me crazier than i already am - and that's far from the case. . .

marc, just fuck me already. . .

I will be your slave.
nanny i have an online slave, or maybe he's more of a pet. a very interesting relationship at the least. 010909
red devil grendel ...screams,
but he's glad
to be chained
to that wall
*nat* in he words of Britney
"Im a Slave For You"
99.9% true, ill do do almost so very nearly anything to keep u with me, but then again i cant see u asking me to do what i have stated i wouldnt do in the 1st place, ur fantabulous like that aren't you?!
devalis is it really slavery if you volunteer it? 021014
lyrical reference system slave
David Garza
Great Expectations Soundtrack

black orange white and red
dresses hanging off your bed
from now until you reach your grave
baby I will be your slave

ask for your hand to hold
oh I could never be so bold
I could never be so brave
baby I will be your slave

their lying words like overflow
will rule your heart before you know
they'll cover you from head to toe
they never mean a word they say

I'll bring your mother back to life
I'll give your father back his sight
back float in a tidal wave
baby I will be your slave

I had a dream of bleeding skies
crippled legs and static eyes
all I stole and all I gave
baby I will be your slave

I'm broken lost in misery
but you don't have to worry about me
I have no more soul to save
baby I will be your slave
Sparticus slaving away all day
for what


a hummingbird once said to a crayfish, "why do you live in the mud when you could fly?"

the crayfish replied: "i live in the mud because i must. i cannot fly; i have not wings."

the hummingbird replied, as he skittered away, "you have not tried"

:another slave. pleasure bestowed = freedom recieved

is chained
a thimble in time we are free the moment we forget our slavery 030615
Death of a Rose We need blade runner slaves. Ones that can release themselves from slavery. 031010
Nickapocket to the desires of man to the knight we strive awaiting passion we can't have we want what is unreachable yet we can taste the emotions in us till death sets us free. 041112
pete slave, a noun derived from the word "slav", historically dating from the period before the portugese exploration of africa 041112
dylan pimm our minds are our masters to lose them
we lose the most important parts of our selves
next to Nobody saw rc on a rooftop
and even more smiles were sent to daddy.
breezs I am. He tells me to do something, I do it. I don't look directly at him unless he makes me. I don't ever make him angry. I don't wear things he doesn't like. I keep my hair how he likes it, straight and long. I don't ever deny him anything, at all. He does what he wants with me whenever he wants. If I am bad he punishes me and it is so bad i beg him to stop but sometimes he makes me be quiet. I don't ever disobey him. He makes all my choices and decisions for me. All I have to do is keep his house clean and tidy, cook his meals, have his children when he decides that i deserve them and look after them and make sure they don't disturb him. Love, honour and obey. That is everything I do for my master. Even when there are marks around my wrists and on my shoulders, they remind me of his love when he isn't there.

I love him so much. I would do absolutly anything for my master.
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