aqua pulse pure unrestrained joy. 001029
Rhin is what i feel, everytime i hear your voice over the phone...

is what i feel, when you play your piano for me...

is what i feel, when i receive gifts from you...

is what i feel, everytime i listen to your mellow jazz...

is what i felt, when you first told me that you were in love with me...

is what i still feel, when you tell me that you love me more every day...

is what i will feel, when i finally feel your breath upon my face...
Oscar mingled with terror

my hands are sweating and shaking.

funny that i am perfectly willing to enter situations where i may risk bodily harm without a second thought, but matters of emotion and affection reduce me to the depths of fear.

thus am i ruled by dichotomy


the two fish headed
in opposite directions

splinken i've been blathering too long.

i've gotten an eye for the style of the regular blatherers.

i know who oscar is.

i need a new hobby.
lovers lament no drug has given me yet. just some restless high i guess.
tear stained face to the sky.
begging for a scrap off the table.
wazit _o_joy_o_bliss_ 001205
MollyCule always makes me think of the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Emily Valentine slipped some "euporia" into Brandon's dring at the "rave" 001214
firehunden to see you there
in the darkness
pale of skin
eyes so bright
you look away
but then look back
the candles burn
a little grin
warm and fuzzy
in my core
a need of you
like nothing else
your touch
your smell
a silk caress
a soft breath
everything you are
and nothing more
unhinged i'm trapped. i wanted to feel happy but then she walked in with you. she said she was 15 and i knew. that's the one. that's the one he like loves or something. the one he's seeing even though he knows he could get his ass thrown in jail. i wasn't going to get fucked up. i wasn't. and then i saw her glitter on his face. and nothing has ever sparkled so cleanly in my eye. i want to feel euphoria but i just feel numb. i want to love you but i'll let you run to your other prettier girls. i get wrapped in it. 010304
biomechanoid Is untrue happiness 010620
Death of a Rose i have experienced this 5 times in my life and i can't remember when or where it happened. i'm just left with the certain knowledge that it has happened. 031223
ryen this moment
this sound
this feeling

only if forever.
Rachel is caused by drugs, perchance? 040324
nemo dr bockmans euphio machine 040324
in a bad mood thus I hate my life Yeah, after a while, I feel like a dumbass being on blather for so long. I feel like a loser, surprisingly. I don't feel spiritual after a while. I feel like a lonely little fuck with no friends, chilling on blather, when secretly, I just want to be fucking wasted with real friends, and I'm obviously in a bad mood now. I wish classes would start and that I'd lose twenty pounds. I wish I were hot. Fuck this. Fuck myself. I'm stupid. 040827
o-0-o Chamical Happiness 050509
camille no fear
no restraint
total release of all inhibition
cornflaxe81 like having wind rush through your hair while smelling cherry blossoms and listening to your personal music device oblivious to all that surrounds you and the implications of global warming, terrorism, the tight job market, over specialization, the child labor that made your jeans, and the dog shit you're stepping in 050509
delial so much negativity
for a word so full of bliss, yeah?

this is the word he uses
to describe the feeling we're sharing

god, i can't even wrap my mind around the fact it's


sure, i had a feeling all along
but having him put my dreams into words?
having him say what i've thought all along?

yeah, i can see why he'd be euphoric
it's such an appropriate word for this

two-way dream come true, right?
i can't even believe this is happening

i keep expecting to wake_up
so far though, all pinching myself does
is leave a bruise

i treasure those marks.
what's it to you?
who go