typhoid i need release tonight...
things are building up too high.
rem letting go of
not holding on
making it easier
to push along
these empty roads
full of dust and frustration
grendel acceleration 000706
enon i try too 0 hard. 000707
elana oh sweet release!
i yern for it, in pain and in sadness.
i hope you got that, you little fuckers!
~gez~ i know now that i longed for death. a realease from the pain of every day living. the wine has no more taste, the whores give no more pleasure. life has no meaning. only one thing keeps me sane. her 020820
kingsuperspecial imagine, if you will
the most gut wrenching holler
a wailscream that rends within to out

dragging with it three by ten pain
in a splitting cold fountain
the explosing of all the losses
the unfair and unmet
and a hundred broken dreams

I imagine it every day


Much better. :)
sirflaccid but only if you pull out first! 030211
blown cherry I've purged myself of words,
and even though I still feel like throwing up my food,
I feel less heavy than I did before.
Lilac You know that pulling out doesn't help anything! 030212
Syrope today i woke up when i was supposed to, to be ready to go see movies at josh's house...but it was such a release to roll back over and go back to sleep...for the first time in way too long i did something because i felt like it. no matter how bad i feel, i usually just go about my responsibilities without considering the option to just not do it. and anything i agree to do is a responsibility. if i could stop feeling like i owe everyone something, i could figure out what i owe myself. 030212
tyler i pick up the blade
i make the uneraseable change
erasable physically, but not emotionally
blood flows out, i clean the cut
i pull down my sleeve to avoid attention
of eyes including my own
what's it to you?
who go