Might take awhile.
Won't be back until there,
Except maybe to do Davy.
Still not sure where there is.
How would that be possible?
Still so soon since two hugs and kisses,
But so many smiles and too some tears.
Maybe mostly more growth is called for? Feeling like an untrained vine.
Wish us well.
Will start out with a little surprise.
Keep smiling, okay?
anchor baby the ones old enough to remember the first time just went about their daily routine of garndening, cleaning, working, and general wasting of time

the rebellious ones, too, didn't have direction this day. they stood in the streets with their signs and their opinions and their ideas on how to make the world beautiful again, and protested to themselves

the ones too young to understand the urgency in the air just cried to themselves or vainly hid amongst the scattering of houses crowded against the mountains

but for some reason, on this day, there was a low rumble barely audible in the distance. it progressed in volume throughout the day, and, though hardly alarming, the noise rose awareness among the people of the village

they knew

the old ones, who had heard that sound scream over and over in their nightmares, knew

the rebellious ones, who had been raised under the wing of the ever-cautious, told of the sound of death, knew

the young ones, sadly, were lost among the noise, busily spending their last few minutes

when the noise grew to its fullness, and the planes released their package, they all knew

some looked up in terror

some clasped their hands in eternal prayer

some laid beside their loved one and cried

but when the time came for them to die, they were ready... they had lived their lives and were not afraid of the next
klarchen piano
a brilliant stroke of genius
a fatalistic error
silentbob anchor baby

that was just about the most frightening thing i've ever read
spotlight beautiful brightness, light of your life ....Jesus is the light.. seek him you will find, even in this time... 010430
Invisible Butterfly i'm ready to love you , are u ready to stop ripping my heart outta my chest? 020523
devalis not mine, just a warning, but so beautiful it moves.

I am colorblind
coffee black and eggwhite
pull me out from inside

I am ready, I am ready, I am ready,
I am

taffy stuck and tongue tied
studder shook and uptight
pull me out from inside

I am ready, I am ready, I am ready,
I am

I am covered in skin
no one gets to come in
pull me out from inside

I am folded and unfolding and unfolding
I am

coffee black and eggwhite
pull me out from inside
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready

I am
Perspective_of_Soul Let's do it again :)
Let us see what is on the inside of me.
Moxie I am ready to be alive
I am ready to be my own person
I am ready to take charge of my life
I am ready to be me
I am ready to face my weaknesses and fears
I am ready to be in love
I am ready to take risks
spooky Ready or not to lose 031002
nomatter procrastinate. 031003
oE you GO Moxie! 031214
marky marky .. 031214
goodluck and die yup

who cares

not i
violet strangt my grandmother was ready, hell she had been waiting for 10 years... i was ready too. she died last february at the age of 94. 060726
falling_alone reading
think i'm ready
time for sleep
no reason i'm ready for something 080723
what's it to you?
who go