Q Growth

I did see they grew and grew.
Growth of succulent grapes languishes futiley
as twisting vines make one seem
as any another, even the one next door.
Warmth from fury is the harvest of intense futility,
you must know by now.
Those things do still grow into nothing
less than sweetly penetrating cleverness,
to be picked one by one,
then to be savored.

C 2000
pSyche Remember when... nothing ever had "double meaning." Kissing was nasty and boys had coodies. You were popular if you got a new toy, not if you were a jerk. People liked you if you were nice not "cool." Your friends would always be on your side and nothing would get between you; if you were friends with a boy it didnt mean you liked him. The only thing you drank was juice. And the only thing that could be broken was a toy or bones not a heart. Your daddy and mommy were your heroes, and goodbye only meant until tomorrow. Now look at your life... it's the total opposite of this.
Now heres the funny part
Here's the punchline folks,
All I remember thinking when I was little was that I wanted to grow up.
no reason i'm getting better at not being anonymous 100620
no reason it's frustrating to see people stuck in situations or lifestyles they think are best but in reality don't let them learn or grow 110216
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