typhoid it looks likely like i'll be living next to this guy next sememster.
that's gonna be not so good.
gotta rethink.
he's house manager, and everytime i want to talk with him he's arguing with someone. and he plays really loud rap music and blares the tv with the door open.
sigh again.
i've got no qualms with anyone...
yummychuckle well, in all honesty, the first image that popped into my mind when I heard this word just now, was a chicken dancing with eminem to the circus theme song thing. 010602
BOB JAY = JERK 011007
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Justin's a jerk. My math teacher Mr. Otto is a jerk. My dad is a jerk. And various other people are jerks. For some reason, though, I can't imagine anyone female being described as a jerk. I imagine it as a word only used for males. But don't mind me...I'm just weird. 011024
Dafremen I have a large sofa sized graphic of ME riding an ENORMOUS large-mouth bass with my rod and reel strained to the limit in one hand, and my fishing hat in the other.

At a little shindig I threw a couple of years back(I throw quite a shindig when I do folx...plenty of food brews and entertainment for everyone that attends..always. My last one was hotdogs, brats, hamburgers/cheeseburgers, top sirloin and barbequed ribs, with grilled walleye, chicken breasts and veggies for the non red/any meat eaters in the crowd. Plenty of sides too, beans slaw, taters mmmm mm, corn on the cob and damn do0d...I'm getting hungry. There was MGD, JW Dundee's, Sam Adams and Leinenkugel red(plus a few non-domestics which I shared sparingly with a few for as long as they held out), for entertainment I had Sega Saturn, Playstation, Q2 & 3 on a cable modem connect, 3 TVs (30, 27 and 25 inch respectively, I AM a family man after all can't afford the BIIIG screen.) each with a VCR and a collection of about 50 movies to share between em with folx instructed to bring their favorites(games AND movies) we had poker going on in the dining room table and "partner" Spades in the kitchen. The kids had the backyard(for anyone that brought some kids.) The best part was...I only invited about 30 people and only 20 or so of em showed. It rocked. We had leftovers for a week.)

I had bought this used picture frame that had a blank brass engraving plate on the front. I put the graphic in that frame and decided to have a name engraved on it.

So I held a contest, folx were encouraged to throw a name idea out and I was the final judge, since it was my picture, my party, my living room it would hang in and my frame and I would be paying for the engraving.

The winning title?

"Jerk on a Fish" with "Ass on Bass" coming in a close second.
general direction The Jerk = FUNNY MOVIE 011026
pootang i'll keep running into guys like you,
over and over.
Sure, their aren't many,
but I'm sure I'll run into
quite a few of you.

Dafremen Aren't many? O geez...I'd like to hope you've revised that notion since then. 030711
adsfasdf people that haven't quite realized their potential of being a complete asshole. 060814
what's it to you?
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