Starbuck A subject with a lot of numbers. can be used in everyday life, and in specialized applications such as engineering and sciences. rarely used in english or humanities. 990914
jared_d my mortal nemesis. I'm glad other people are good at it, so I don't need to be. 990923
spikey-ho ARGH! I will destroy math...My hatred for it has no bounds, grrrr 991231
alicia i failed geometry. god i'm such a loser. 991231
marjorie you'll use this later on in life 991231
snarky freak quick! someone e-mail these answers to me (out of the goodness of their hearts) if at least one person does one answer i can get these done...Thanks so much (debt of gratitude)C'mon help a stranger...Anyone who has a crazy liking of numeracy, is insane or is just extremly charitable send to e-mail below...

1.Approximate the following to the degree of accuracy required:

a)0.36218 (2pd)
b)28.613 (2sf)
c)459.973 (1dp)
d)1245.4 (3sf)
e)0.00425 (2sf)

2.By rounding all numbers to 1sf find an estimate for the following:

b)3784 divided by 412
c)807 divided by 391.2x0.38
e)48.2 divided by 0.203

3. Work out the following angles

a) (180 base, 47 degrees, what is remaining angle?)
b) (360 base, 90 degrees, 50 degrees, 143 degrees, what is remaining angle?)

4. Write down the order of rotational symmetry and how many lines.

a) (rectangle)
b) (t-shape)
c) (square)
d (star)


(p.s, flame e-mails with "what the fuck? I'm not doing this!" will be ignored)
MollyGoLightly Always had shitty math teachers in high school. Then, last year, I had an absolutely amazing Calculus professor whose instruction was concept-based and it showed me how beautiful math is. 000520
silvre everything in the world can be represented in numbers. though man made up this beautiful art, it works every time. no matter how you approach a problem, the same answer will emerge. 000710
misstree though i have always been good at math,
i've never liked it.

maybe i'd rather play with concepts
less concrete, more yeilding,
more fun to snuggle up to in the night.
Q oh, but real math is not concrete at all, and some is infinitely cuddly, like the theory of chaotic pillows and bedspreads that explains universal truth, connections, and the big bang so long ago nobody remembers 000725
birmad the echo of it rings like tinnitus in my ear when it is dark and still and i so desperately want to sleep 000725
birdmad even (and odd) ... 000725
xemopartyx Math explains everything. Math justifies what goes on in nature and how your pants were made. Math is one of my favorite subjects. Math shows me that You + Me=True Love. 001127
Rhin Every guy thinks it's never happened to them, but at some point or another, most women have faked an orgasm. You do the math. 001127
nix0r never really did understand it until calculus. 010427
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I hate math. Coincedentally, my dad is a math professor. Math is my worst subject. Every year, I narrowly manage not to fail math by a few points. I've been lucky so far, but somewhere along the line I'll stop getting lucky and I'll have to do it all over again. I've never liked any of my math teachers. Screw math and anyone who likes it. 011024
Norm Given that sooner or later we're all just going to die, what's the point of
learning about integers?

ClairE People have such violent and all_encompassing feelings towards it.

I'm coming home. (I can feel the comprehension sinking out of my brain and I don't like it. I can't even remember the last time I did math in my head for fun.)
cube I hit a block in calculus. I passed it alright in college, but then didn't use it again for a long time. Now i have a small collection of books and programs on the subject - thinking that by the process of osmosis i'll absorb a renewed understanding. I wish.

Maybe if i put them under my pillow at night...
oren Math was "made up?" I beg to differ! 020111
ClairE I went back to bed and realized I was figuring out the meeting_point between us. If it's three and a half hours that's one and three quarters each.

I heart math.
pushpins i hate math. all the numbers parading themselves around my textbook, making no logical sense what so ever. Just shouting at me all at once, all these rules that are so precise--if you screw up one small thing, everything is shot to hell.

i hate math.
optic discretion Math is perhaps one of the most beautiful languages ever. It defines beauty with its infinite equations. Aesthetics is based on mathematics. If you know how to use it correctly, it will help you find the answer to virtually every question you have.

Math ... how mysterious ...
zenfishsticks as an english major,
math is my natural nemesis.

but there are sweet moments
of perfect sky-blue clarity
where the numbers fit together
like a kalediscope picture,
like a snippet of song,
like...a story.

and in that moment,
i love math.
then the moment ends.
Syrope i like it alright, but english is so much more learn about yourself when you read...math teaches you to find order in whats around you, or is that just rockingham county teachers? lol 020320
sarah 46 and two....just ahead of me 020503
Steals the sky Math and english are not so estranged from one another, I'm slowly discovering...

Like the multiplication tables, and long division, and balancing your checkbook...learning grammar, penmanship, vocabulary seems necessary but vastly dull. You do it, though, because they are the building blocks from which every conversation you have and every letter you write will stem from.

And like a brilliant novelist uses words and punctuation in such a skilled manner that you can almost *taste* the salt of the ocean he's describing, or the sound of the birds in the trees as the main character meanders down a mountain path...a brilliant mathematician artfully describes curves...periodic ways to observe the things that surround us. higher math can explore, take guesses, and take shots in the dark...approximate...and sometimes say "that's good enough" and move on.

So why does everyone hate it? It's a language that you don't speak every day. Johnny Normal doesn't use it to convey anything but the simpler ideas to others, i.e. "you owe me two hundred dollars you sonuvabitch." And it's frustrating to no end, especially since finding others who understand it who can tell you of it are rare and typically not good at explaining things. It's like trying to learn English in a land where everyone is mute.

Most people never need it too much...but after a good long bout of kicking and screaming, I'm figuring out some wierd stuff about this whole math thing...
nymneth In my caculus class, there are these guys, named Xan (short for Alexander) and Drew who cuddle with me on the coach and work problems with me. Sometimes we all work so well together that finding the answer feels like an orgasm. It's a concept I call "Mathsex," and it's beautiful. 030115
acrostic moronic
pipedream two words: why me? 030317
User24 we call it maths in England 030813
CrimsonCherryPi tautolgy doesn't work and that the only crisis of identity remains when its solved. It lets you see that when its done, it was so from the start. The number was the same and you just had to manipulate the form to see it. And, even then, no one really sees it. 1 = 1. Q.E.D. Quod Erat Demonstrata. 040910
hsg im considering taking up math
i want to prove that
one plus won = blue
i + elite = lonely
one end won is suiNEG
Self Negates a genius
i am counting on my
Thinking Outside Ego Sphere
playfully we learn from each other
the kind eye us
the gen u whine
the gen i us
hsg reqiem in yer pi

(reqiem an acceptable spelling of requiem)
endo I’ve accomplished nothing. I’m still alone. Everyone else thinks that my life is ideal. Single, no commitments. Actually…I make it look easy. No one must know what’s going on inside this crowded mind. I’m being pulled in two directions. Three directions. Four. Borderline Recidivism (mental of course). Do the math. Love is equal to the sum of the pieces of the heart, minus all sanity, divided by bullshit squared.
Something’s got to give. The geyser will erupt. Life is all about details. I hate details.
Why couldn’t life be like an itch?. You itch, you scratch, you don’t itch. Do the math.
epitome_of_incomprehensibility Math is the sum, difference, product and quotient of all fears from here to infinity. Oh dear, I'm afraid I've been randomly looking through the movie review book and inventing terrible puns instead of studying. Oh well, I passed math anyway 050718
emanon 1 + 1 = 2

This does not always hold true.
BigBrotherLover I'll accept that as long as you don't ask me to say that 2 + 2 = 5 051015
andru235 2x + 2x = 5x if x = 0

but no one's asking you to say it
Andrew ON account
of her multiplication she
received a new addition
which caused a division.
Don't subtract her from
your life.
TK if animals could learn math

and math is the universal language

then could different species of animals learn to communicate with one another?
what's it to you?
who go