Toxic_Kisses I can't bring back w/ me all the things I stole in my dreams 021126
Toxic_Kisses Is when I miss some one I've lost touch w/ yet (the person) is still around but I don't quite know how to tell them that I miss them let alone try and strike up some sort of dialog and so I'm left silently hoping that instead of me having to go to them they’ll come to me (quite unlikely) and every thing will end up the way (I think) it's suppose to be.

Stupid 'puter this never would of happened if it hadden't died!
will i`ll tell you whats frustrating. its the cost of living thies days. its terring familys appart and making everybudd have to work full time so they have no time for their lovedones and no time for frends. who could live in this world 50 years from now when you have to work a whole day for a pice of bread. 030209
Syrope i spent three of the most frustrating hours i've ever spent ( at least since last spring ) last night on some crappy programming problems that the professor "forgot" to email us and tell us were not due today, but postponed until next week so we have a chance to go over the material first.

now i'm glaring at this physics webassign and i can't do any of them. i still have a lab write-up to do.

i'm trying to get physics help on IM, but theres a guy trying to get in my pants and another one talking to me about his newfound attachment to, when i said i have friends i don't respect, i meant that i never respected them. it's different when you start out respecting someone and then lose that respect. i keep thinking that maybe if i slowly lose respect for everyone, then i'll have more for myself...

silentbob when people who have nothing to say get mad at you for not talking either 030210
*silent screams It quite frustrating slowly losing your footing and falling back down into the valley you just struggled to climb out of....

How long until I'm out for good?
I'm hoping soon.
DavesHeroinGirl Ah... weekends. And I guess perusing hypnosis websites isn't the best way to deal with this. Oh, but what I'm learning for the future. Good times... Grr ;-) 030427
Sleepy Brain Sluged TK I'm too tired to write anything of length, I've tried
I'm too tired to watch TV, I just can't focus
And the same goes for reading
And most frustrating thing of all is the fact that I'm too tired to even sleep, I just lay there waiting for sleep to transport me to dream land but I guess I missed the buss

All I wanna do is SlEEp! Why can’t I sleep!
alone at last is waking up from a perfect dream that felt so real to a life that is the exact opposite. but then again how could the dream possibly be real, i was happy. ...when you finally find the right words to say to your one true love, then finding no reply 040718
no reason we don't ever fight
we just get reciprocally mad and let it fester and it would be so much more satisfying to just fucking yell and throw things
no reason when you have a strong feeling you'd get along with someone amazingly well (which clearly happens almost never) but they won't contact you 110314
no reason or maybe possible_yet_foolish 110314
what's it to you?
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