auto cross reference system A quiet little sound that hints of a terrible fury lurking within.

See toy.
ClairE ::high five:: 011214
cube this must be the women's column - as in grrrrrrrls... 011214
nemo *grr*

(now thats rather kinky)
Kleh Ver ~

The vocalization of reluctantly bridled hunger. . .

Yux A highly intelligent web personality that tends to rant and pose as many others, both male and female.
Also, a Hitler clone, an alien abductee, a mind controlled psycic assasin employed by a secret shadow government, my best friend online.
bibliophile grr, i like this word, i sometimes say it when is suits my purposes. like arg, but not avast or eek. 040109
squillo Bacon! 040109
time_warp near_engine_grr 040109
spiffy my mouse ball keeps falling out... grr!! 040608
love & hate argh 040609
no im not from afganistan but from australia u guys would have to be americans?? Only u guys would ramble about the most useless shit whilst bigger shit is at hand like the war u guys started for the sake of oil and future technological and developmental advances for your own benefit. Sure saddam is bad but there are worse leaders than him about in some african countries but nothing happens coz they got nuffin of value. 041227
unreal Ha! You need to relax, mate. There's a time for everything.

A time to be silly.
A time to be serious.

A time to rest.
A time to take action.

A time to chill.
A time to explode.

A time to blathe.
A time to turn off the computer.
not tanya grr_bacon 051015
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