me? the stranger stood upon the steps waiting in the rain.
he stood upon the steps staring into the air.
eyes pupils were widely dialated in fright,
then i closed the door cuz i really didn't care.
amy the fourth on my list of possibilities, and also the most ludicrous. we don't need no stinking aliens. i don't see how they wouldn't stink. 000122
Zoe do you really think that there are aliens out there? i don't know. you guys are going to have to convince me that they are really out there. 000718
humanbean With little or no intelegent life here,
I certainly hope there is some somewhere.
pajaro enojado since it is a jab at members of my own ethnicity i can get away with it. my halloween costume for next year...

a big-ass sombrero,
a shiny silver suit
a poncho and some ugly boots
and one of those grey spaceman heads with the big black eyes.
and a big thick
caterpillar-looking moustache
glued onto it

i'll be an illegal alien
Verdulum disconnected.
I see the world through a pane of glass.
I am the alien, here.
abductee I like aliens, they are cool.. :-) 020907
cat int he hat i wish that i could stand on the street and say i am tired of earth and that the aliens would pick me up and show me the whole galaxy and then take me home cause i always miss the ocean, and mostly id miss the garbage and flowers 030929
nomatter and i dont like pizza so i must be some kind of alien. 030930
sabbie and sometimes
you only discover after the fact
that the joke you made

was actually the solid truth
xyz a friend of mine called me an alien a few months ago. i think it was the nicest thing anyone's said to me. 040130
falling_alone which friend was this? 040203
ffffffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkk I'm an alien! 050609
unhinged jasmine

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