Seed Did you ever think of the possibilites of adding a word to this website just because it hasn't been added already? 010321
mikey yes all the time. heehee 010322
dB I thought that was your purpose in life Mikey. :-) 010322
ClairE possibilities.

opens up new worlds.

I think of paths.

A way out.
dB The human race is rudderless, directionless, cast adrift without compass on an ocean of ecclesiastial possibility.
With no hope of immediate rescue.
cheer-up-emo-kid Have you ever met someone who intrigued you so much and made you feel so weird that you werent sure what to do? You dont know if maybe you want to hug them and be their best friend in the world, or kiss them because its a crush. Or maybe you just want to hold them and tell them that everything will be alright, because you know that there is really something wrong inside. You could be hanging out with a group of friends together and be fine except for maybe a slight attraction, but when you are alone your heart races and all you can think of are the possibilities. 020730
hazy shade of birdmad i looked around for them 020731
squint yo. cheer-up-emo-kid...
hell yes.

possibilities cut short and strangled by another, possibilities on mute, dulled by the sickening reality everyone chooses to live in.

I'd like to REALLY find someone who lets possibilities run wild. no, no, you see, i mean REALLY. fucking liars.
ryro I'm am heaped with possiblities and have no volition to explore them. Slow deaths are the most tragic - you have and take the time to pity yourself. 020731
KP Points on the circle
rays from the center of the sphere
the moment before action yields
all the points and action erases all
Points on a circel and
rays from the center of a sphere
but yields new
points on a circle
and rays from the center of a sphere
thieums If there are so many possibilities
Why are we all prisonners?
Shirt Vendor: "Billy Posse" Tees 070416
z the possible is a human construct. 070416
Undeniably... it's a possibility! 070416
In_Bloom One more lifetime
This one with a head's up
A fastpass if you like

I'm not afraid anymore- anxious
what's it to you?
who go