caldwell what you are looking at now 000305
medea all the media coming together. art. text. music. video. photography. 000405
startfires SOME PIG 001005
sabbie i won't tell you that about myself.

(you're not expected to understand)

you have no right to who i am.

what makes you think
i want you to understand?
kelli crane charlottes web!!!!!!!!!! 020113
me i dont get this website. like, how the words are meant to be linked together. i get some of it, but hell - i dont get other parts. but anyway, i feel like such a loser sitting here writng about my crappy/boring life. but that wasnt the point, some people write some really good stuff here. and all i do is bitch about how i have no life. i mean, technically,i wouldnt be here if i didnt want to, so why should i bitch about it? man, i dunno. i guess its cause of how everyone always seems to be so fine with their lives, and i kinda hate mine. but yeah. props to anyone who actually bothers to read this. 021130
me shit dude, ive talked alot tonite. mainly pointless stuff, but it makes ME feel good. they need to have a bold and underline thing here. anyway, someone said something about taking up space. i hope i havnt done too much of that with all my rants and raves. it never seems so much when its in the little box.i think i love blather. yeah. its all the shit i cant talk about with my friends. its all the shit i think no one cares about. its what i really think. its me. 021130
lo the brunching shuttlecocks is dead! granted they were dying for a while but this is just sad to me... 030529
... 030906
User24 favorite pictures from most recent shoot:


IMHO, you should do some stuff outside of the studio (maybe you have?) the cloudy blue background doesn't do much for you.
misstree um, ya. that's not me. it's a red_herring because i was letting myself get self-conscious hereabouts.

i would never use a fade effect on a website. it is truly an instrument of Evil.
u24 redesigned as a portal to my other sites:
jenny enny dots Is this a chatroom? 040116
quotree "If I had wanted your website to make noise I would have licked my finger and rubbed it across the monitor." -A.

(kin i get an a-men?)
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