Its all good It's just not feasable. Fantastically it just might be. 040113
Death of a Rose speaking...

the thingamabob goes in the wazzit, while you confabulate to shift your pair a dimes to the left a bit, twiddle with the fuckyalater until you hear a distinct blarp.

You are now the proud owner of a bouncing groober caterpiggle.

.fallen "technically" it works so "technically" I can't help you even if it is more bug ridden than the swamp in August

Syrope technically he's only too old to make me reconsider if i still think of myself as 19. if i go ahead and think like i'm 20, he's not. 1 month isn't a long time.

why do i need to prove so much to myself? being_lusted_after is so addictive. i love it. i never had anyone want me like this in high i have to be careful to promise myself to two guys at the same time...well except...nevermind.
Syrope NOT to promise :) 040222
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