BOOM! every time i brake a promise he still
believes me. you'd think he'd learn.
you'd think i'd learn.

but nothing's changing anyway
ikon It's the promises I make and break to myself that hurt the most. 000220
Free Promisess are not based on trust. 000406
senser i promise to be promiscous,
if you'll just sit still for a minute.
moonshine ment to be broken? 000523
MollyGoLightly An example of a promise I make and break a lot:

"Yes, I promise I'll stop tickling you."
gigaphairy Meant to be sacred.
Never is.
deb they'll look at us like we're crazy,
but we want to name the baby
promise taylor harris.
i think it's pretty.
what ya'll think?

(no, i'm not pregnant... we just like the name)
hasil adkins no, name him hasil 001126
fiona apple you say you'll never give up seeing eye to eye
never is a promise
you can't afford to lie
tourist A promise is a way to set the forces of the entire Universe against you. Much the same as the words Always or Never.
To utter such things is to court Failure .
clifford the rat for the rest of his life, he heard a crazy sound in his head constantly. 010213
G_wiz13 I promise that my feelings for you Susie will never vainquish. if we are to ever break up I will always love you. but i may not be in love with you. That is the one thing that i can promise. 010213
unhinged when the world gets shoved back in your face, you don't promise much of anything to anyone. 010213
lovers lament would you promise to light a candle
and let our passion extinguish the flame?
would you promise to never regret me
could i promise to do the same?
would your promises turn to water
could i stand strong against a flood
would i drown beneath broken tidal waves
do you cringe at the sight of blood?
copyright 2000
whirly but it was meant with a promise's integrity
at the promised time
but time charges by
leaving ripples in its wake
distortion distraction desperation
percy the ratcather rats 010327
like rain. somehow i can let myself believe in us as you pull me close and relief floods my veins in place of anger. 010506
BrittStar the promises you made...the life you pretended to care all those years...taking my childhood...making those memories, then ripping them to shreds in one fell sweep...ruining my life without a second thought...slowly but surely you destroyed my person...i hate the way you don't care...never seemed to bother say you'll try to patch things up...but something always goes wrong...i am a part of you, and you can't deny it...but somehow you're making a damn good effort...i'll always be here, always in your view...i know you say you care, and that you will always be around...but why when i need you, you have disappeared...i'll love you till the day i die, and forever just the've broken every promise you've made..but don't expect me to run when've hurt me once too many times...and i'm done with these lies. 010606
sagesse you say I'm a promise
broken like day
a danger safe like
a hungry embrace

and i say, grey eyes
don't look at me that way
Dafremen Cool. Thanx. 011024
Inanna A promise,in most cases, is a nut that proves to be empty when you try to eat it.(ancient) 011102
Sonya You broke them as soon as you made them. I should have known better. You should have just disappeared. What a mess we've created. 011102
Casey I will always be there for you. I will wait for our outside in the freezing rain so you can smoke with a friend near you. 011107
angie you promised...
you fuckin promised
but you lied
you broke it
you saw me cry
you promised
but you lied
kelli crane do you know what happens when you break a pinky-promise? I don't but I'm sure...but i'm sure it's something awful 020112
ClairE I promise I will try.

I must be honest. It's a huge flaw.

People look at me like that's not enough, but it's the most any of us can do.
jessica and everything's just like it was before
did you think you had changed
or was i the only one with this misconception?
did ny make you special on the telephone?
did you come home to prove that you weren't what i thought?
your promises are lies.
jonh seems so empty coming from you 030123
megan i want your body pressed against mine. i want your arms around me, huddling, keeping me in. i want to feel your breath on my shoulder in between sweet kisses. i want my knees to give out, i want to melt into you, for you. i love you. 030123
luscious one thing I will remember about you

you saying

make few promises in life
and the ones you make


you saw it written on Kwanza's fridge
new year's day
first day, last day,
first day

the only promise I made myself
was never to stop loving you
and now

with you
and me caught between
breaking a promise

and finding relieve

catch 22

make few

take few

I gave it all, I promise
No logic to feeling -----------------------------------
I phoned you last night
about tonight,
You where kinda dumm
smoking, waiting till
you are strong enough
I cant believe you hold
on to the spirit
that makes you fall sometimes
you are mixed up
maybe you change when your mummy dies.
Insat A promise is just another lie sometimes waiting to be made. Most promises count for nothing and are worthless. Think before you promise anything. 030202
HairThief A promise is only as good as the other promises made. If one promise is broken, it diminishes the rest. A lie? I think that's a little harsh. A promise can be a valuable thing in the right hands.

So I half agree with you Insat ;)
roxanne i always make him promise. usually three times. i think he breaks them, but just doesnt tell me. and how would i know really?

the other day he made me promise we'd make things better. 100% better. i said i didnt think that was possible. but he made me promise. hes making it hard to make things all better.
bethany that you'll always tell me whats bothering you
so nothing wells up
so i can always look at your eyes
and not woner what your thinking
just know
that its something happy
unable_to_stay yesterday I promised not to cut until friday... but it's getting hard... sitting here all tear stained with nothing to hang on to... I want this feeling to disappear... 030304
WishingForSoMuchElseNow Perhaps he's heard of David Gray.
You know that I drift off to sleep each night listening to the music. You hear me breathing.
I keep him updated on my life occasionally with emails and a quick hello.
You are in near-constant contact with me through some form of media and hours away from your voice sometimes feel like eternities.
He knocked down the door and ran away and pops in occasionally to say hello, hoping I keep my bed warm for him.
You've already moved your heart into the vacancy at the back of my closet and not a night passes that I don't tell you I want you in my bed.
He felt things and put me away and admitted I'd gotten too close and that was enough to make me hide.
You're feeling things and you've drawn me out and admitted that I'm so close and it could only be better if you could taste my skin and I never want to hide from you.
Deeper in my heart than I could have dreamed anyone at this point could be. Please know that despite the past, distant or recent, despite words I've ever written, everything is transient and those things changed and bled into you and we will change and bleed into us.
marjorie never to do it again.
and we'll forget the whole thing
washed clean
like saturday night clothing
ironed for god by morning
and the way you're looking at me says
you are already forgetting
but i didn't hear you promise
misunderstood i promised myself that i would never give u another chance after u hurt me the first time. Well i did b/c i truely thought u cared. I broke a promise to myself and u didnt even care b.c obviously ur not here. 040417
ferret you broke your promise. to her, to him, to everyone. but that's ok. 040417
hello.. ive waited here for you the only thing i'll ever ask of you..

you gotta promise not to stop when i say when
love & hate I promise to never break your heart again... that i swear our on our life together... for eternity, i promise this to you.

If only you listened...
char Let your lashes meet, and clasp.
Then come away with me.

Things are looking up for you, and you for sure deserve all of it. Almost like what you're dealing with now is a 'situation' [to say the least] that was created to keep you grounded. It seems almost cruel, I know, baby. But everything happens for a reason. Just like you taught me, though, don't let it just go away. "Accept it." And I know it's a lot easier to say than do, but if you can, appreciate it for what it is. As bad as it gets, remember that things could've been much worse. But they're not. Going through an experience like this is no doubt rough, but isn't it so well-worth the detail that you get to experience something rather than nothing at all ? You're together, aren't you ? Let her know you love her -- just for... being. No matter what this takes out of you, it holds no comparison to what could've been taken from you had the prior events that led up to this one been unsuccessful. And that's the whole thing, is you've all survived each and every trial. It's made you such an amazing person. I don't think you understand how captive your personality is. Don't stray from that- as important as it is for everyone else to know how great you are, reserve some of that greatness for those who still haven't forgotten what you're all about.

I love you so much, Eva.
and again,
You're amazing.

I'm confident that things will play out exactly the way they're supposed to for you. I promise I'm here no matter what.
photographed by the human eye You don't have to brake a promise, you just have to find away out of them. 040719
puredream of forever. 040719
raevyn they always ask me if i'm okay. "i'm just fine" i say. they ask me if i'm sure. "yes" (NO!) they ask me if there's something wrong. "no" (YES!) they ask me again if i'm sure. my aggitation shines through. "yes, i'm fine." (no. i'm not. can't you see?)

they ask me if i'm lying. oh, i am.
they ask me to promise that i'm not. i promise.
but i break it...every...single...time.

i'm no good at this being honest thing.
almost doesnt count but i can promise that i'll try. 050421
belly fire One day I will stand before him and make a promise to always,
come what may,
be honest about my love for him.

One day I will stand before him and promise that,
should a day come where my most true love for him is unsure,
I will risk everything to be honest.

On that day he will give those promises to me.
max broken 050620
pete 'i promise not to fuck with your mind' 050620
l but i do promise. 050620
. no attachment to outcome. 050621
spartawinsthewar you said "i don't want to get attached to you and then find out that you've lost interest in me." and i said to you, "i'm never going to lose interest in you".

and that is a promise.
i'm going to keep this one.
what's it to you?
who go