Is blind to beauty.
valis some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

still others only get as close to greatness as frosted flakes.
miniver Moving to Hollywood,
gonna be an Asterisk.
sahar greatness is great ,but achieving it requires one great mistake from your side. 010315
michael True greatness is not a blessing for you. It is a burden for you and a
blessing for those around you.
Sylphide Greatness is simply achieved by those who make achieving greatness simple. 050201
blown cherry There is a greatness to be felt in this life. A strength and a beauty that you can feel coarsing through your body, when at last you realise that life is going to work out better than fine, if you'll just let it.

Tonight the storm raging outside with it's warm and cleansing downpour, with it's bold rumbles of thunder and fiercely beautiful flashes of lightning that strike the earth with deadly precision, is a part of the same powerful enery that is consuming the dark areas of my soul and my mind.

My heart is pounding for tomorrow, and I know that my storm will soon wash away today.
andru235 there are a few famous examples of greatness...but the vast majority of transcendantly grand things are secret, mysterious, and beheld by very few...

...chances are, you are the beholder of several such things, without even knowing it...!
andru235 *transcendently 051014
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