Doar interpretation of dispersement. 050712
ever dumbening once, when rather high, i decided that the feel of biting into macadamia nuts could be described as the feel of squeezing the tips of your fingers into a firm apple.

and once, again when rather high, i had the idea that there was a parallel between chinese brush calligraphy and the guitar work of stevie ray vaughn. there is a core they—the burnt-resin black strokes and the bent-wire solo licks—have, which is somewhat hidden, that moves within the more defined edges.

and today, high only on the annoyance of shifting bottle and tag around at work work work, i thought about the phrase "the precision of words." description and frame and content. i thought of how i like to bend that precision, to push the edges of words inward, quickly, so the inertia of the sluggish center will bring that center to the edge, waking it, making it fly right, or wrongly but at least aware of its own decision.
z see: nuance_is_not_precision 050714
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