the earth moves.
ahah. and my eyes follow it.
tra la la -la la.

polite conversation.
trickle down hipocrisy.
anti system.
belief theory.
Colfax Moves are "all the right" things that guys like me don't have and don't need.
Moves are options in a game of chess, in a game of cat and mouse, in a game of empty boy meets empty girl.
.......sometimes I wish I had the moves!
oldephebe yea and then the moves become so deeply etched - until we forget where the moves end and we begin
i'd rather be real though there's nothing wrong with stratagem

did that sound equivocal?
sort of like straddling the ideological fence?
god, there are so many transactions and so many guiless people who are plundered because they have no stratagem or shrewdness
still though ... have i lathered over the meaning with all this equivocal blather ... i'd rather be real at least some reasonalbe facsimile of real
what's it to you?
who go