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silentbob We were walking,
holding hands
With our bare feet
in the sand

And the seagulls overhead
When I broke the spell and said

"I could never divorce you ...
Without a good reason
And though I may never have to ...
It's good to have options

But for now, I need you
But for now, I need you
But for now, I need you "

But it was only in my head
Because no one ever says
What they really mean to say
When there's so much at stake

So I told her I loved her
And she told me she loved me
And I mostly believed her
And she mostly believed me

In_Bloom Giving up drugs and sex and alcohol and most food hasn't brought me any closer to Nirvana.

Maybe I should give in to the family tradition of keep several life long lovers and then just worry about what sandwich I want to pack when I go fishing.
In_Bloom I could slink backwards into now open arms but I have the barbed seed of resentment in me- not good enough

I could jump forward into arms that have always been open but I'd be a liar, feigning what should be simple- too good for me

I can just hold myself in place as I have and watch all spin about- safety is not underrated
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