Tess bear's cousin. 000108
Q Every day poets pray about that relationship and similar first thing in the morning and when moving the covers back to climb into bed at night. 000108
lost that reminds me of the time my girlfreind was painted in that body paint stuff and walked around. She got a ticket for indescent exposure. 010425
blown cherry I stood, restlessy watching the band,
boredly pressing my lips together,
and suddenly realised how very bare they felt
without the touch of your kiss upon them.
IKC 56-80 i tripped over my the extra length of my new pants on a day when i wasn't wearing underwear

oooo, was that ever an unplanned full moon moment
*nat* bare without u next to me, holding me the way i like most, you make me feel wanted, unlike anybody else has ever made me feel, and i hope no one ever will, i love you, and i just hope you know it 020825
~gez~ and i never will let go, unless you ask of course. but please don't 020825
Elzbieta It's ok
Run your hand over it
Light colored and soft
So few can touch me here
So few are allowed to see
This stark beauty
And these dark cervaces of hurt and pain
So few see this wonder because
I rarely bare my soul
I rarely breathe out my life
all_words_are_lies bare?
well, just this once
Jules Even though it was only one night it was

fucking... strange
ethereal 040413
what's it to you?
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