Quintessensual randy band music

there was one day,
no, now then,
almost every day,
a randy band
in a randan,
between music,
it played with us,
on the rand;

a guy,
with bulging pantaloons
in the middle,
he looked not lonely,
but seriously tired,
from playing and
two oars;

two women,
with tees bulging
on both sides,
upwards of the middle,
nicely wet from the rowing,
one oar each,
as he played and worked,
the two;

they did have hearts,
the guy knew them,
well, to play them,
while he worked,
two oars,
both in the middle;

they were more,
a randy band,
in an errant randan,
on the rand,
with oars away,
guitars, drums, voices,
a flailing
music club;

it did keep the summer
cacophonies alight,
soft and hard,
all who watched
like we did
in the music,
they sure were
the music club,
it does seem,
so appealing:
every day
the randy band
then that music
at the rand.

Copr. 1999
valis space henge? spacehenge? 991207
sax fiend we were never a band
we never had any other intention of doing anything but having fun with ech other
one autumn evening in the classroom while we waited for the rest the tattered remnants of what had once been our high-school-band to show up before we headed off ot a football game, we got out our gear, three drummers and a saxophonist lisa and marquis behind the traps vincent behind the assorted latin percussion and my big cumbersome baritone saxophone (but it damn sure sounded sweet)
passing the rythm back and forth making the music up as we went along we showed up early and played for nearly thirty minutes and as the rest of them showed up they sat and watched and the new kid with the alto sax joined in and it was a fit and lily, with her trumpet found it flowing through her and we rode and on for another fifteen minutes before the extra drummer showed up with the marching gear and his unfathomable lack of rythm and killed it

i count the moments before keith intruded on our vibe to be as good as some of the best sex i ever had
Barrett Up on Cripple Creek
she sends me
If I spring a leak
she mends me
I don't have to speak
she defends me...
silentbob i thought he was a man
but he was just a little boy
Rhin "you know they got a hell of a band" 001117
amy oh when the saints..
go marching in..
oh when the saints go marching in
the amy that loved tears for fears As the day hits the night
We will sit by candlelight
We will laugh, we will sing
When the saints go marching in.
little fury bug
i like his band. i like him. he's a sexy bastard. i like his voice. i like his face. i like his hair. i like his words. i like his mind. he writes songs about some girl. i'll always wish that girl was me
blown cherry heh. ditto.
blown cherrys tear stained face and songs about how very much you DON'T love me don't count. 020629
Photophobe glittering Yeah, cause I'm constantly sitting around writing songs about all the people I don't love. 020701
blown cherry well a song about how you're never gonnna breathe me don't count neither 020701
amelita ...please observe me if you will
i'm professor harold hill
and i'm here to organize a rivercity boys band
myplasticmind i want a band. i want to be a band....a real band, that plays together and screams and has real shows, and jams all the time cuz they have nothing better to do. i want to be in an emo band...or just a band. any band. band band band
i love my guitar
bluten band
a lonely ring in a time of sand
an empty promise in a desperate hand.
it's a crown of thorns to wear a golden ring.
the lovers danced and the poets dreamed, but all the while the children screamed.
the wedding band can win it all.
but the wedding band can make you fall.
atchi 20 trumpets, 14 mellophones, 24 baritones, 8 tubas, 18 flutes, 19 clarinets, 17 alto saxes, 4 tenor saxes, 5 snares, 2 tenors, 5 basses, 11 front ensemble, and 26 guard.
2003 MHS Marching Band
cheetah Black_Eyed_Peas 031230
Doar of brothers 031231
strange my band, max, sam, and me. we should be playing right now, but i'm with my sister, watching spongebob. i like my band. but we have yet to discuss a name. but that's okay. 040620
ivyducktwilightseto This year will suck. Honestly, it will. With our band, the drumline has always held it all together. I sat on the sidelines for years and watched our phenomenol band win the state championships two years in a row. Maybe you've heard of us; the Marching Cougars of North Harrison High School! (picture that last sentence in an announcer-type voice.) We are from a down-home redneck southern Indiana area. I guess after this everyone will consider me a different person (heehee) Anyway, Last year was an incredible year and by far the best drumline year ever. That was my second year in pit (aka front ensemble aka the xylophone, marimba, other non-marching instruments.) I found that to be very boring and suffered greatly under the wrath of our idiotic, ruthless section leader. But this year it is finally time for me to move up into THE BATTERY (marching drums, the real drumline.) I found myself on a fourth bass spot, the second biggest. Oh what a pain that is. I was happy, except for one little problem. Last year we had a whopping eight people from the line graduate. Six of them were in battery, and the other two were cosection leaders in the pit. This completely wiped out the line. Basically, we suck. And our percussion director now works for another school as well as ours. So now he devotes most of his attention to them and very little to us (they pay him a lot more.) Sometimes he just skips practices without even telling us. So this is utter chaos. The drumline is falling apart as new faces try to rise to leadership and we always get in big fights. Without the drumline setting the example for the rest of the band to be disciplined then they will suffer as well. Madness, I tell you, madness.

Hmm, this probably wasn't nearly as interesting as I thought it was going to be. So if you read through the whole things, congrats. I guess I just wanted to tell somebody how I feel about our now joke of a drumline since no one else really wants to listen to what I have to say. Oh well. We really were something though... one of the best lines in the state if not the best. We also competed on the world circuit. Too bad we got screwed over at finals every year. And that ain't no joke son! Yick yick!
Ok, I have no idea what I'm even talking about anymore. It's six in the morning, I'm going to bed. Have fun, uhh, doing stuff, and... Eat lot's of ham sandwiches....

"Ya see, the theme of the show is they eat the cheese and then they go to sleep" -inside joke (don't ask)

technathene Is my sanctuary. And also, apparantly, the pool from which I draw dates 041012
rockfreq they will never know
the suffering confuses
the twisted metal thoughts
rake my mind with filth

never again in here
the young will rule the fat
an old faithful looks back
and sighs at the good cause dead
Me. I like Julian Casablancas. What relation to band? He is the Strokes leader. Yay. 060321
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