daxle Final until the next one
Final until the next one
Final until the next one
(all work and no play makes daxle an unhappy kitty)
and, um, redrum
(the smell of puke and piss)
Shar suck ass (in a bad way) 000504
daxle again
they say this is what's bad about quarters
I say this is what's bad about college
and specifically science classes
stress leading me to inevitable depression
stress leading me to avoid everyone
Jenna i think my head is gonna explode
help me
jestification i wrote my final schedule on a piece of rolling paper...coconut appropriate....maybe i'll smoke with it on thursday. 011209
Grievance Tonight I study all night. Yes, the archetypical situations of all night crams do still exist in this world.

My body is tired, my mind is tired, but..
my soul is bright.
Jenna shit fuck shit dammit fuck failing a failure fuck dammit stress ACK so much stress so much to write too many damn essays fuck

is going mad
hey now! fuck finals 011210
unhinged yep
oceanography today that i HOPE i did good enough to get an a in the class...he always gurves it A LOT though so i think i'll be ok as long as i knew everything i thought i knew
jury of bach tomorrow
19th century paper and final wednesday with study session for renaissance directly after
modal counterpoint composition and final thursday; rehearsal for the nutcracker
renaissance history on friday and performance of nutcracker
performance of nutcracker saturday
performance of nutcracker sunday

see and the sick part is with my performance schedule and finals schedule meshed together the way they are i can't even get high. AAAAHHHHHH
ClairE I don't give a fuck.

It's fun.
niki're in the nutcracker?
what part?
unhinged i'm not a dancer; i'm playing the second violin part in the orchestra. it should be fun because i've never played in a ballet orchestra and we are on stage so we'll be able to see at least some of it. hopefully, i won't be so transfixed that i can't concentrate. i have such good childhood memories of going downtown to see the nutcracker with my grandma. i just wish i had more time to work on the part. *sigh* 011211
niki dude...i am so jealous!! 011211
anti-social butterfly three finals left to go. english, french, then sociology. and i had to fucking hook up with somebody last week so that now i have strep, didn't i? i fucking hate finals! all this stress and probably for no reason. grrr... 011211
innocfox Are hell in its best concealed form, but they also say that this is the last f*cking Math Class I'll have in my life!! :) 011218
ClairE OK, now I care. 011218
nemo i have to take my language arts and visual basic finals tomorrow.. then the day after history and alg 2 trig... and theeeeeenn on friday french and science 011218
devalis 3 hours. 2 pencils. And not a thing in my head. 020820
shinequwa Oh my goodness, i am so glad they are over! 040130
falling_alone one this morning, done.
i can't describe the sigh of relief that spreads within me...
this uncontrollable feeling of having to do absolutely nothing.
the running joke of what it feels to be a business major.
freedom for a week.
summer language class in two weeks, two jobs, practice early am.
but no more design.
can a i read more, actually sleep, actually visit blather more than once a month.
oh, i'm sure you'll rue the day my time was free.
what's it to you?
who go