tridelta "It's like, I try to go to bed early, and like, I get all ready, and like, I lay down, and I'm all like "oh my god, I can't sleep" and I like totally freak out. I mean totally." 990930
marjorie It was early when I went outside
The fog nestled round the car
attached itself
like those dark shadows
beneat your eyes
and I ran my hands over the windows
making finger prints and letters
and I saw my breath
It swirled out of my mouth
like the words i always wanted to say to you
but never could
because your eyes always stopped me
the moment before i said them.
centralscutinizer be this an example of tri delta el ay new speak or just generic valley speak? 001101
Effingham Fish for my own funeral. 020104
silently_she_screams It was too early to tell u my real feelings for you...I know that now...Now that it is too late.....and nothing will ever be the same....If only i had waited.....for just a while...mabye i wouldn't have scared u off 020511
blown cherry missing you already The dawn creeps closer.
A constant, slowly blinding reminder that tomorrow is near,
and soon you will no longer be.

You pulled the curtains,
avoiding the piercing light for a little while longer.
No other force to move me just yet.
Just a little longer, just a little.

But finally I draw back the shade.
Letting the warm, but still painfully blinding light hit my face.
The night has passed.

And we with it.
sonic whenever i actually try to go to sleep early it never works....i just end up going to bed later then usually because i lie in bed and just cant fall asleep. whenever i am deep in thought i can never sleep....and thats what usually happens when i lie down. its like i dont want to sleep because it will disturb my thought or soemthing. 021226
PHIL I thought it was march this morning
I was in a panic.
The calender clearly depicted valenine's day as march 14.
So i turn to blather and sure enough I see 030217.
I says to myself, sure is strange weather for march?
I have already begun missing classes. I was sick, I hurt my back, but monday, what will I say about monday...I can go today of course, but my plans are in shambles.
Wow if I had gone to classes I wouldn't have gotten sick though...
I try desperatlyto find out what day they cancelled classes from the snow, was it a sunday or a monday, sunday I think.
I look at my schedule, this all made sense last week, I still had time to wait and things to sloppily take care of before classes started, what happened?
There was a basketball game that got cancelled, but I can't find any clues.
I recheck the class schedule, counting on my hand Januray February MaRCH, OH HOW COULD i BE SO STUPID!.
I go to look at the calender again, the 14th is totally blank, I rub my eyes look at diferent angles, but it's totally blank. I turn the page back over to see valentines day, febraury 14. I tell myself I need to wake up.
u24 ...only midnight. 031106
finngwen _early_morning_ 040526
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