stupid some people like to say the word stupid, but i like stoopid better. it invariably cheers me up to see it written anywhere. 980819
Dallas leave it up to andrew to say something so interesting at such an important time. 980913
daxle slightly stoopid, a band I think, whose sticker is absolutely everywhere (no, not a hyperbole, I mean everywhere) 990504
deb so many things sound cool out loud
but they look retarded upon a page
homer s. Stupid like a fox! 000123
spider man I do some stupid things sometimes! 000319
girl humans 000326
The Schleiffen Plan i just wiped 10 gigs of data from my hard drive only to realize i had misjumpered it... oh well... c'est la vie. 000705
wabbit season which way did he go, george... 000705
sunny grace stupid is how i feel 001116
Anonymous Here's the deal, the word stupid shouldn't exist in any other language besides english because no other culture, in my opinion is stuck up enough, or perhaps stupid enough to use it. The french can forget their faux version of "stupide" because the only people stupid enough to memorize that word in the french culture are people who have no lives...and you know what's even worse? Stupid english people who get lost on the internet and start writing stupid essays about words that nobody's stupid enough to use anyway...oh...maybe I'm wrong, now that I think of it...perhaps every culture should have that word. 001121
silentbob fuck

you sound bitter
maybe you should tell_silentbob what the matter is
roz tonk stupid is as stupid does.........except does that really even work? 001126
datura 'estupido'.
personally, though, i like 'tonto' better.
ares wheeeeee
when someone feels stupid they write stupid words in stupid sentences wheeee
blood KILL! whee the bad game violence is affecting me and i feel like KILL! blood death wheeeeeeeee maybe this should be in the INSANE column KILL! wheeeeeeeee okay going now woo0-woo0000
god a little green rosetta 010202
G_wiz13 The void that is me. 010202
mmm th word that is people 010325
mmm the one word to best describe the population of my town 010402
Chrity go to:
you2 people who do the same stupid thing over and over again. 010522
marissa "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." 010603
ash kerri 010820
unhinged you are wrong. you have made me feel stupid on several occasions. i know that originally the conversation was in reference to sex but i'm changing the reference to suit my own need to say that you were wrong. so i read way too much into things. so you tell me that a certain event involving me and one of your friends still comes up in conversation and you honestly think that i'm supposed to believe that you guys don't laugh at me. that i'm not the laughing stock of your whole group of friends. because i almost dated two of them, i did date you, and the albino wants to date me yet none of you managed to fuck me therefore it's something to make fun of. no male social gain in that if you didn't get to stick your dick in it. please, i've known you people for almost two years and i've seen and heard plenty of the bullshit you and your 'friends' put each other through. but,you guys would never laugh at me. if you were talking to me online and your friend started using your screenname while you walked away from the computer he wouldn't read any of our conversation. hhhhmmm...yeah maybe i can believe that. slightly, but given the history, it was hard for me to swallow. and the thing that makes me feel even more stupid is that i even brought it up because if there is one thing i know for certain it's that you would never understand where i'm coming from. you have never understood that ever throughout our entire relationship. you are incapable of that. so once again, i am made to feel the fool and the moron for having feelings. that have been hurt several times or even numerous times by you and all your friends so when i make the assumption that something happened to that affect again i'm stupid because none of you really care in the first place. that sure makes me feel a whole lot better. 010829
Norm The impression I like to give. It makes me smile. I like the praise I get in school, after handing in so many things that make me seem so stupid, when I hand in a report seems to be written by a genius.

Fucking math though, stumps me like a fucking mallet, Jesus.
dB Norm, forget school math. That shit's impossible to do. Try Quantum Physics or something like that, it's piss easy. 010830
Toxic_Kisses The guy I'm with 011010
Inanna Stupid is not realizing the fact that you are until it is too late. Stupid is when you call someone else you don't even know stupid. When people say unkind irrational things about you, they reflect themselves far more than they could ever reflect you. 011102
Challenger 70 If i where to discribe stupid the answer would be...............My older sister. Fair enough she thinks it's funny but is'nt there such thing as taking stupidity to far. 011121
Mateo There is always somthing even more stupid. Stupidity is relative and infinitely so. 020211
carne de metal stupid is what stupid was. 020212
jon_dog as a mofo. 020401
kx21 A link to stupid people & Q_As:-


Casey How I feel after reading some of my past fucked up blathers. 020402
kx21 Tell me how do you avoid or prevent all such stupidnesses...
blown cherry die 020403
Kayt I tried to pierce my own belly button and it wouldn't go all the way through so i pulled it out and it hurt like hell and now i'm probably internally bleeding and i've severed a nerve and it's infected...apparently being in college doesn't make you smart. 020925
x you are not internally bleeding, trust me 020925
crow actually u probably are internally bleeding

and iv always ritten stoopid :) .. yay .. go me
morphine. hooplededoop
full of

i had plans i really did i had plans i had lots of plans i had BIG plans so fuckin big but things are so dead now things are so

wait. things


im cold. theres nothing but ice simple

so stupid

everything is so fuckin stupid

i couldnt do anything about that, you know.

you really oughta know that

there isnt a fuckin thing i could do.
its all fuckin mixed up now,


too tired, bored, still.

but not.


i think it mightve worked.

but its just that its so fuckin STUPID, really.

sip sip sip sip


i cant stop much even now.
kx21 One's Stupidity is other's ' Smartness ... 021213
kx21 One's Stupidity is other's Smartness ... 021213
morphine. stup:i:d 021220
paranoid martyr it was stupid. it was shit.

it was a bad-planned strategy. a destiny's slap in the face, an animal instinct.. a lottery ticket, chances to win 1000 to 1, and be the #738.

it was like jumping from the 6th floor expecting to fly after having my wings and sting crushed and dry.

it was "so ridiculously teenage and desperate.. so childish."

can i have my money back?
guy on shrooms i went to the supermarked and
tenants are stupid and smell like
the rats were just too much for
california suns in bootlegged boots
rather not for the intestinal
for them are wicked
and the really wild abcdefg
because everyone needs goals
creetch y is every 1 so stupid
i feel like i am stupid too
but atleast not all the time
though every 1 else seems stupid
all the time
Alex IS what we all are. 030408
god dumb all over, a little stupid on the side 030529
bite me BLOG 030824
bite me BLOG 030824
bite me BLOG 030824
bite me yes i do have things to say 030824
Anonymos stupid: A word you can use to describe anything that is stupid to you :) 030906
Deep_Bleu Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education 031020
Deep_Bleu simple a much more polite way of saying stupid 031020
Death of a Rose nasty little 'stupid', you're going to sit in the corner with 'imbecile'. 031021
chiefnewo customers are stupid. somehow the act of making a transaction strips all people down to the level of fucking imbeciles. even to the point where they can't even recognise that if the door has a sign reading "push" on it, you should probably push the door to get it to open.
stupid bastards.
sc teenage angst. yes, wa gets. 031218
:-( I asked the blather Gods where I should post and they sent me here...

Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place.

On the federal lever a World Wide Web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the White House said the president was concerned but said that everyone should remain claim, lock all their doors, chill and listen to some rap-music.

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severe sentence. Wrigley finished by saying, "Justice will be done and the people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page. Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on a desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as just another tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature. Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting movie-goers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this network station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.

sirflaccid You told me I was stupid. You said there was nothing to worry about. You said it would never happen.

I told you who it was. I told what it was. I told you how it was going to happen.

Maybe you thought because I knew you so well that it could be, should be true.
Freak thanks for the ideas they're working out great 050111
Twizlex people 050206
mr song someone who makes a big deal out of nothing.. apparently I was an imposter 070604
nom cocaine 081001
soundsangelsmake Not picking me. 110324
a clever disguise I am learning that the most sexy quality to me is that someone doesn't do anything I consider "stupid."

He breakdances.
He drives a yellow jeep.
He wants a full back tattoo of a sea turtle.
He has earrings in both ears, and a labret piercing.
He has long hair with the sides shaved.
He makes Jim Carrey faces.
He writes with the pen in between his pointer and middle fingers.

He went to Johnson & Wales and is extremely successful, though he never acts it.
He remembers what I like and brings it, randomly.
He has the drive to call places and arrange things, so I don't have to.
We have an awesome time together like best pals.
He's always loved me, and I've always played hard to get.

And that's because I think everything he does is stupid.

And I wonder, do I need to change so I don't think things potential suitors do are stupid, or do I need to be grateful for this sensibility that keeps me away from potential suitors whose tendencies would drive me insane?
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
srealismas Life is extremely so, lately. But i saw some good art that almost makes up for the stupid. 160812
flowerock. Stupid is how stressed I am about things that aren't a big deal but feel like big deals. Pms plus stress and forgetting to eat... I almost fainted today and broke down... it's not so bad... we will loveverything about the day, and it_will_be_ok

There are so many other things in our lives to solve and build, this is a fun project, this is joyous. This is perfectly_imperfect.

what's it to you?
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