saz nicked my fucking car 030512
Piglet see backstreet boys 030512
misstree chewy. 030513
pobodys nerfect My mom and I call each other "ya sick bastard" all the time for fun, among with some other names. I think some of my family think we're angry at each other when we say it, but we never are. It's like a catchphrase for us. 030513
globalfruitbat my head hurts cause I clench my jaw when i sleep. My upper and lower jaws are bastards. as are my friend right now, but my headache takes precedence. (god I cannot spell. at all. ever.) 040906
Just a thought Well thanks for the help you've been very good and i am sure my car will perform well from now on.....You bastid.

Watch some family guy then come back and laugh 8-)
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