psyki Helicopter safety continues to be one of the foremost areas of concern in terms of accidental loss of life in military operations. It follows that the potential value of improved methodologies for early fault detection and classification is significant. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers with complementary expertise in the areas of helicopter-related mechanics and advanced signal processing. By sharing their expertise with one another, in relation to experimental seeded-fault data collected from a military drivetrain, it is anticipated that significant enhancement in helicopter condition monitoring will be achieved. 000205
daxle angry and probably insane
because I wish I could catch everything
save all the right things and throw away all the right things
be at the right place at the right time
missed chances infuriate me
grendel for no good reason 010202
danielle anger and pain..
a mixture like the trigger and a bullet
this dirty soul is aching to take one more bite of your mind
i dont want you to hurt me anymore
making me so angry
making me insane
im not going to let you do this to me anymore...
unhinged you make it seem juvenile for me to be upset with you. that you were totally right and i am totally wrong for thinking you could be wrong. so the skinny blonde can sit on the floor of your van but i'm not worth the time? it's so completely typical where i thought you were atypical. don't you realize how much i've died since i've known you? but i won't say anything because it's apparent that it doesn't matter to you whether i talk or cry. whether i'm subtle or obvious. so any emotion is just juvenile. i expected this from you but that doesn't make it hurt any less in the end. because there was always the sneaking hope that you actually did care. i can count on three fingers the amount of times i know you cared. the rest i don't even know what to say. but i won't live on the outside of your wall. things are going to be markedly different between us dear and your indifference will be the final weight. 010406
elana i am so angry. i need a stronger word for angry. angry isn't it. more like sad, deppresed, confused, misslead, pittiful, lonely,... i need a new word. soemthing that describes all of it.
i need someone to notice, god damit!
dont you see my pain? i need a word. just one word would help, if i say it over and over again,...
shit! i am here! waiting! pleading! crying! screaming! but all you hear is your own voices, mindless blather with words and plays on words and phrases that i dont understand.
ah! fuck it al.
no one gets it. no one.
Dafremen I get it. go on. I'm listening. 010501
Teenage Jesus screaming the word monster over and over again is good...really loudly...
Dafremen ok I'm game.. MONSTER!!!

Wait a minute, according to you I'M the monster.

Um, does this qualify as advertising then? I'll assume it does.

Monster! Monster! Monster! Monster!
bentley the world. My father died, my marriage sucks. I feel alone. No one cares. 010513
Norm Anger is the only clean emotion. It is definate. I'm angry and I know I am. I like that. 010829
mightbebipolar sometimes, i get angry at the past. sometimes, i get angry at inanimate objects. i use to want for some one to hear my cries. but i am greedy and they are mine. i am the shape you hate, you look you look and never see. 011011
Rhinna me. 011031
Fairy Juice ...and frusrtated...
I know...
I cant' do
Casey the person next to me is angry 011123
ever dumbening being angry
an acquired taste
lasthought #### (2002-5-25)
more than once i've awoken, angry at my brother
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#### (2002-5-25)
actually, that's probably because he woke me up
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########## (2002-5-30)
I woke up pissed at a friend not too long ago...she thought I was crazy.
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okfriend can friends really get pissed at each other? if they are up front as much as they should be, most things should be water off a ducks back. [being pouty for a short while is ok as long as you dont dwell on it and fix your mind] 020603
screwing for virginity the only thing i hate more than people getting mad at me for no reason is when i get mad at them right back, again for no reason 021212
not an angry girl *i am not an angry girl
but it seems like i've got everyone fooled
everytime i say something they find
hard to hear
they chalk it up to my anger
and never their own fear
imagine you're a girl
just trying to come clean
knowing full well they'd
prefer you were dirty and smiling
and i am sorry but
i am not a maiden fair
and i am not a kitten
stuck up a tree somewhere*

a guy who lives down the hall from me once told me i was too angry, too sad. and the irony is that what he said made my anger even stronger.
they get to see you when you're sad
leave you and hurt you for being down
showing off afterhand how your life can be worth less than them
no smiles to save you
no ideas of how it will work
the only things which keep you up
- to understand eachothers side
whose blank stare wonders why -
only bring you down
you kiss the sky
for miles and miles in empty night
hoping for something to not return
to a home which can't give love
friends which can't give any hugs
enemies that feel none of that
nobody's that helped eachother out
the nice dad that wasn't there
and in the silence you laid and stared
angry at all the pain
you have become
angry at the thought of any way out
minnesota_chris Are you still angry at me? The only bad things I did were in saying yes to you.

And now that you've rewrapped yourself in your puritanical mantle, you want to purge yourself of all desires of me, and rewrite the historical record to include a pure you being seduced by a naughty sex-machine me. Ok, I guess, go ahead.
me according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diseases of the liver are caused by anger. So next time you're angry, spare a thought for your liver 030624
inanna anger alone does not bring change
depression is useless
anger is creative
it can be
me aner IS an energy... 030711
ferret do not be angry, for in time you will realize the futility of your anger. you will learn that you were wrong and say "oh, i'm sorry" as if it were no big deal that you just punched me in the gut. :) 030711
elvira blind crying 030903
stuart angry does not mean sad. its all about frustration, but its not just that is exponentially frustrated if you will. I AM ANGRY. 031027
U24 correct.
exponentially frustrated.
sirflaccid When she's sad, all I want is to have her curl up in my arms and sleep... if only there was the time. She has been the cause in me of more tears and joy than any other one person... and as much as it hurts sometimes, I need to cry too.

She is as forgiving of me as I am of her.

*sorry, these lines were stolen*
no reason why did i ever do anything for you
empty promises got me so hopeful
and i fucking knew they would


why don't you grow up
it's not like i change my world for you
i would never do you that honour
i hope you know that
don't flatter yourself and avoid me
because you think i want to talk to you
because i don't
not at all
not anymore
and i hope you're happy


i hope you're uncomfortable
i hope you're paranoid
i hope you feel the way you made me feel
i hope you cry

i wish i could make you cry

i wish you would grow the fuck up so we could both get over it
buck dich Annen sie sheisse und stauben 031122
Jane Doe Sorry if anything similar is already posted but, oh well.

Someone once told me that anger was only a secondary emotion. That the only primary emotions are sad, joy, hurt and fear. hurt and fear are the main two that cause anger, because, if you have to show an emotion, isn't kicking and screaming a lot easier than discussing what's really bothering you? Of course.

all I know is that now when I am angery I try and discover WHY I'm angry... What am I gaining or losing by being angry. Yea,i'm retarded.
O_A I'm angry. I'm upset and hurt. And I would cry except I have learned that tears are for the weak, anger is for the strong.

I am angry. I want slap you. I want to hurt you. I want to sting you and bite you and cause you pain.

And I know. that if right now I went to see you I could do it. I could tell you. And I could give you the stinging pain you deserve, but I also know I will not. Because it wouldn't be polite.

Do you believe it. I'm worried about waking you up? But I reseolve in my anger. I promise to me, because i've never promised myself anythign before. That I WILL tell you. And you WILL listen, even if you do not hear or understand.

Even if it does not hurt you.
no fucking reason I_HATE_PEOPLE
FloydianSlip You know you must be angry at someone when the very thought of them makes you sick to your stomach, your blood boil, and the idea of murder seems better and better everyday. I wish you could see. It's just like Chris and Julie only they had the balls to be straight up instead of dance around it. It makes me angry when they start talking like they're the only smart people on the planet...they aren't that fucking smart even though one of them holds a college degree. Just because you don't think your shit doesn't stink doesn't mean it doesn't. 050324
FloydianSlip You know you must be angry at someone when the very thought of them makes you sick to your stomach, your blood boil, and the idea of murder seems better and better everyday. I wish you could see. It's just like Chris and Julie only they had the balls to be straight up instead of dance around it. It makes me angry when they start talking like they're the only smart people on the planet...they aren't that fucking smart even though one of them holds a college degree. Just because you don't think your shit doesn't stink doesn't mean it doesn't. 050324
mikejohnson ustinkistinkweallstink. isn't it beautiful?
drools at the thought of stinky shit.
pink! i don't know what to write here
i don't know what i'm feeling
i'm just confused and upset
feeling better now, but...
i can't explain it
pink! so he says
"do i hurt you?
i don't know why, the conversations where i mock everything you do are those i enjoy the most"

i don't know
i don't know
Farool The doctors diagnosed me with my mental disorder. It all comes from a lack of aggression. I've never been angry in my life. 051103
dr. lost it before you did according to Freud’s psychoanalytical theory aggression is built in our unconscious, it needs to be expressed and satisfied as the drive it comes to represent, however blocked only by civilization’s social demands - thereby creating discontent with the egoyour conscious or your representation of self. in my understanding we should all feel angry at many things and even more so at people for not only it is a biological necessity but even if it were to be repressed due to social evolutionary patterns we would at least be pissed off at ourselves for unconsciously repressing these angry “instincts”. please understand that is not to say we should act upon this feelings of rage. a lot of this feelings are better off when they are subdued due to their animal characteristics. really we should strive to have power over this feelings and opt for a more humanistic resolution. see: meet_the_beast

if you say you’ve never been angry i think you’re lying. it is just that perhaps you do not want others to see you as an angry person in which case you are unconsciously blocking feelings of fury and rage from becoming part of your personality. unfortunately because these feelings are so essential to your own survival you can’t get rid of them so they resurface in the forms of guilt or depression. been sad lately? this happens because once your intellectual side decides that angry feelings are not acceptable feelings, you feel guilty for feeling them and subsequently sad for even having themunfortunately this does little in terms of resolving them, only creating more problems - what some would call "mental disorders". you must rationalize them (your anger) and express it somehow.

i suggest that you think back to the last time something or some one made you particularly angry, dwell on the thought for a minute or two thinking about how fucking powerless you felt at the time, then grab something material of much insignificant importance and proceed to destroy it.

oh yeah, watch fight_club
farool I am depressed, I do repress anger, so yes, I don't feel anger, I turn it into grief. I have a handful of mental disorders too. I'm a devoted student of the humanist school of psychology and I have been subconsciously blocking out anger for more or less seven years. Yes, I haven't felt angry. You see, I don't think you understand quite what the metamorphosis from anger to depression is. I never feel anger in the first place. It's not like I go 'Gah, I wanna kill y-shit! I can't be angry, man I suck. I'm gonna go be emo now. No no no no no no NO. I subconsciously block out anger before it is even felt. So no, I don't ever feel angry, but I feel like shit constantly. Also, there is a fine line between ambition and aggression. Anger is key to success as much as cocaine is. Sure you can get success from it, but it can also land you in jail married to a five hundred pound axe murderer named susan. These feeling of guilt are all I've felt. I simply haven't felt angry. I haven't been ambitious either, leading to a couple years of wasted life, but I assure you, as do my shrinks, that I haven't felt anger in the sense that you see it. And no, I will destroy nothing. Yes, I've watched Fight_Club but even more important I've read it more times than I have fingers. I've also read Guts, Lullaby, and Diary. I really understand what Chuck was trying to say. All I'm saying is that if he was right we WOULD be out laying strips of venison on the fire on some abandoned super-highway. 051212
dirtyo one time someone told me looking at boobs make them angry. this to me ...makes no sense 060110
Yeouch. lately i am so fucking ANGRY about the letter combination "oi" that i could fucking PUKE. i could SCREAM it fucking pisses me fucking off. i am SO fucking IRRITATED with all these fucking Os and Is that i don't know how much more i can TAKE. it SUCKS. for instance the other day i was supposed to put some lotion on my ass and i was like, oh FUCK it's fucking OINTMENT. i was LIVID. then later on television there was this pig that kept OINKING at ME - well, not at me, per se - and i was like stop it you FUCKER. the fucking KICKER came when the crossword called for a french king and i was like, i dunno, "Montezuma" that sounds fucking FRENCH dude but then "Montezuma" wouldn't fucking FIT and then i figured out - well, the next day in the answer key, SAW - the answer was ROI. it set me fucking OFF dude i was fucking PISSED. "YOU FUCKERS!" i yelled at the top of my voice, quaking with fucking IRE dude it was sheer IRE.

megan i am angry right now.

i'm not even really sure what i'm angry at. just the world in general i suppose. it sounds so teen angsty of me to say that.

god, how many times do i have to say it? i do not like change.
to clarify: bad change.

i don't like not knowing my own twin. heck, my own brother. i don't like that he feels like he has to change who he is to make other people happy. i don't like that he's been picked on his entire life for no apparent reason. i don't like that he's become the butt of jokes and i don't like that i helped add to this.
i don't like hearing about what he's done through other people and barely being able to speak two words to each other at all.
it makes me sick.

i don't like my best friend coming home and it not feeling the same. after months apart with only phonecalls tying us, i don't like laying on her couch and feeling like she wants to be anywhere but here. it makes me feel like crap.
i wish i could reverse time. i wish i could get rid of tears that flood my eyes when i think too hard about my life and the changes.
and so many people have it worse off. that book, slave, it makes me even sicker. to know that i'm complaining about my problems when people are still being bought and sold and raped.
and other unmentionables.
but my story is still making me angry as does that story.

why can't people get above what others think of them? why can't they take a seat back and put their feet up and say, ok. i'm going to stop trying to climb this ladder.
is it settling? no i don't think so.

i think i'm just happy in my own skin. i don't need to drink to be happy. i don't need to flirt with all the guys to feel good about myself.
i don't need to move around the world to find myself.

i've always been here.
i'll always be right here.

one day, they say, they'll stop chasing their own tails. they'll realize how pointless it is.

i hope that happens one day fast. because i miss my brother, i miss my best friend, and i miss the time when innocence was a virtue.
Floptolemy DCL... I liked that, Megan. It made me think, especially about myself, because that is the shallow egotist that I just might happen to be. There are metaphoric ladders I could stand to stop climbing, for instance. 060617
tallon why does this happen over and over again? 060821
ANGRY i am so ANGRY i will smoke your last cigarete and drink the last drop of wine... just only if, if, if you, if you are nice to me :-( 070605
pSyche Trembling then
I looked up into your eyes
My fear mixed with sorrow
Expecting anger and confusion
But I found only love
It amazes me
To see that where others have been angry
You have had only understanding
kuffsleeve Anger is only really a surface thing, it's when you can't hold it down anymore, in a way, a bit like crying but just a different way of dealing with something. Best to go outside and scream at a tree than a person though. 071020
no reason i'm so angry at you and i can't articulate exactly why 071216
no reason at myself for being in denial for so long
i don't understand this about you and i doubt i never will
* ever will 071216
kung fu love your own shit, what a cool proverb!

you should add that at the end of the buddha quote book!
In_Bloom Fickle jaded heart
Threw me under the bus wheels
So quick my head spun

Fucking mean haiku
It serves to expunge bitter
Pretended sweet hope
what's it to you?
who go