ferret splurge and purge 030824
nick bloodflow purges the body
water purges the blood
thought purges the soul
confession purges the mind

megan it is only by admitting one's sins that one can become separate from their identity
it is only by sleeping with the enemy that you can truly understand your worth
and it is only by becoming nothing and then suddenly something that one can develop a soul
silentbob -verb
1. to try and be a storm, as in the way
it always storms the day you leave a place
2. to try and be a saint, as in the forgetting
of the body, its blush and rushes of blood
3. to leave the party early and alone
4. to abandon, as in watching ivy
crawl up the side of a house
5. to set the house or body on fire
6. to kneel on the porch at midnight
until the joints ignore their own whimpers
7. to keep exhaling until the chest is empty
and no longer burning

Michael Mlekoday
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