dallas ignore me rather than bore me with your incessant misunderstanding. 990128
adam me, i'm an english major and tend to speak in badly put metaphors. 990212
ceorl mature contempt 990419
lance certainly more cruel than your hate 991117
valis ignore b 4 991211
andrea i feel like
i'm standing on the median
of an interstate at rush hour wearing flourescent pants and an even brighter shirt to catch the drivers' attention.
i'm screaming at the top of my lungs
in a library filled with books and
crowded with readers, but no
on slows to ask what's wrong.
and not a soul approaches to
ask me to keep my voice down.
old hick "Love me, hate me, just don't ignore me" she said. I would do all three. 000123
FooLmOOn dont ignore me, i'm here for you and you know i'd do anything for you, dont ingore my calls, dont ignore my pain, or no, that is not fair, perhaps you have a reason to ignore me, but then... ignore everything, ignore my touch, its too soft to feel, ignore my kiss, your lips are too wet to kiss, ignore my name, its too hard to pronouce, ignore my face its too dark to see, ignore my hands, they are ice cold, ignore my breathe its too soft to hear, ignore my eyes they are too watery to see through, ignore my thoughts they are too distant to understand, ignore my words, they dont really mean a thing.
walk past me and dont say hello, walk past me and dont say good bye, do not ask for the time or where she is, do not ask for a number or a place to stay do not talk a word to me, cause now i'm ignoring you. how does it feel?
silent bob if you ignore christians, god goes away eventually. dont worry. it will all be ok :) 000601
silentbob did i really write that?
spinnit its the easiest...and often red wrong, or dangerous when write. 010416
stupidpunkgirl hey anyone can do it
and it's easy too
so that girl in the corner
that's so quiet

don't talk to her
and don't think about her
Cybrmystiq Can she really see a dotted line around me? 010508
ever ignore how thirsty you are...and how much you need to get off the damn computer. 010715
eklektic i hate being ignored by people who i used to be very close too...but its worse when they sometimes talk to you and sometimes they dont. 020506
Liz why isn't he answering...? scares me... didn't he recognize me? I donno... maybe he's ignoring me... 020821
Liz ... why isn't he answering...? scares me... didn't he recognize me? I donno... maybe he's ignoring me... 020821
girlnamedlover without a passing glance
without the slightest sigh
without moving your hands
without the softest cry
*silent screams Ignore what u feel and slowly it will rise to the surface contaminating everything u are 021206
jester are you sure about ignoring war?
ignore this. I know you will. such a great tool, blindness, dont you think? I wish I could use it more, but I'm afraid some things just need a response, right?


Do not respond.
Do not encourage further comtemplation.

ferret ok, i ignored everything you wrote, just like you told me to! :) 030703
falling_alone please ignore me, i want to be alone. i only seem to get in the way. i want to be alone. dont speak to me. dont look at me right now. i wish u'd just all go away. u're killing me from the inside out. no one knows, how could they?

i'd much rather fall alone. act like i'm not here. eventually u'll forget about abandoning me in the first place. and i'll somewhat be happy.

father time
don't ignore me, it hurts.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl it wrenches every time you do it
i stand there, in plain sight, waiting to be seen, waiting for you to at least acknowledge me.
you just breeze right past me.
do you even know who i am?
you dont know my name.
you rarely talk to me.
only when it's necessary.
why me?
we have nothing in common, apart from our lifestyle, and even that differs.
just once
notice me
say hi
anything at all
just to know that i exist.
i fucking LOVED you
i dont know how i feel now
but i loved you once
and you ignored it
that hurt
you made me hurt myself
you are my pain
you add to it
make it grow
i want to scream
id rather you hated me at least
felt some emotion
most people dont even know who i am
just because im not a slut
because im not one of the popular ppl
you arent either
thats why i thought you'd talk to me
i waited
and waited
and waited
but still you never said anything to me
not a fucking word
when you look at me, do you see through me?
am i transparent, a ghost?
or do you just see her?
this pain
its so utterly forlorn.
if i grabbed you by the shoulders, shook you and screamed at you,
would you notice?
didn't think so
go back to ignoring me.
invisible -
the only thing i will ever be to you.
june Please don't ignore me, you could say that you don't know what I am talking about and that I should stop bothering but don't just pretend that I don't exist.

I didn't want you to think I was trying to stalk you. What is WRONG?
ignorance is bliss i will ignore your hatred towards me, because i am beyond the point of caring anymore. 040408
medium rare ...what happens when too little is exchanged and too much is circulated.

Makes it easier to forget you.
love & hate Why must you ignore me? It hurts so badly after everything we had. Everything we still could have. Why now? Why do you do this in my moment of need, when i need you here with me, but you dont talk to me. You cant say anything. Does it heal your pain? Does it make you feel better to pretend i dont exist? that we didnt exist? It is killing me, tearing me apart from the inside. I tell you this, yet you still choose this path. A path that doesnt include me. You were the one who said you still wanted to be friends. I still want more than that but you still ignore me. why? It doesnt make sense, please stop! Speak to me!! 040424
no reason if i ignore you, it means i like you. because i am that socially retarded and/or have the emotional capacity of a ten-year-old. 050818
heart/felt meh - he be a douche 120307
KONY 2012 DON'T IGNORE KONY_2012 120308
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