god christians are people who worship my brother chris. 030507
dslafjalskjfdslakjalkfjlasfjweuarhen5t oh god i love chris. 031122

Christians are the grapes that grow along the various branches and offshoots of The_Vine.




There are varying degrees of size and quality for the grapes, depending on which branch that a particular grape cluster is growing on. Some are exposed to more Light. Some have better access to Living Water. But nevertheless, each one has its own special purpose.

The Gardener comes to prune every now and then, when the timing is right. This may seem cruel or "mean" to some, cutting away the healthy branches along with the withering, wilted ones. But without pruning, there wouldn't be enough growth. It wouldn't thrive as well as it possibly could.

Ponderously, a little skillful intervention enables this natural organism to fair better than it would if were simply left to grow naturally.

In any case, that's the picture Jesus painted in John_15, just before He told us what would happen after He was gone... He would be sending us the Holy Spirit.

Now after that happened, in Acts_2, things changed. Life changed. Humanity changed. Society changed.

Because now these grapes are growing up.

As a Christian, You are no longer you. You are a totally, instantly recreated, reconstructed, renewed, resurrected and revolutionized . Spiritually speaking anyway. Not to say that you don't change physically, you do! But that takes a long time.

The Spiritual transformation however is effective IMMEDIATELY! The moment you recieve the supernatural_seed of Jesus into your spirit, you're a new being, "A New Creation" the bible says. A new species.

Suddenly as a Christian, you have authority. You have power. Like a traffic cop on his first day of duty has the ability to stop traffic in any direction he chooses, so the newly empowered Christian has the authority to stop the devil from destroying his life!

The dimensional dynamics of our universe dictate that the Spiritual realm supersedes and overpowers the Natural realm. Unfortunately, the natural realm's flawed by debris called matter, which allows light to bounce off of it. In other words, you can see nature, you can't see supernature.

And the Spiritual authority embedded within Christians is, as the bible tells us, the same power that Jesus had. The Same Power that Raised Jesus from the Dead!

To the degree that a Christian's mind can conceive and believe, is the degree to which that Christian can achieve. I'm not talking about accomplishments, goal setting and affirmations... Because any human has tremendous ability when it comes to that. I'm talking about Supernatural Power!


Restored Relationships.

Healings and Deliverance from a plethora of curses associated with the human condition: Generational_Curses, bondage, addictions, failures, traumas, diseases, disorders, brokenness, feeling lost, confusion, mental dysfunction, paranoia, schizophrenia, emotional disorders, syndromes.

Demonic Oppression and Possession: Depression, Suicidal tendencies, self absorption, psychotic episodes, Fear

Sin and Self: Greed, lust, selfishness, etc.

All these things, which humans try to escape from or bury with drugs and alcohol and the devil tries to offer his own counterfeit replications of God's Solution, except the one Satan hasn't been able to touch yet!

Resurrection and Eternal Life!

Suddenly, there's


to fear anymore.

I do not fear Man.
I do not fear Disease.
I do not fear Death.
I do not fear Self.
I do not fear Evil.
I do not fear The_Future.

No Devil in Hell can stop me from fulfilling the Destiny that God has planned for me! The only thing I need to fear is God, the One who Loves me and IS Love! I reverse every curse by simple mention of His Mighty Name!


I know God has an AWESOME plan for your life, because He has an awesome plan for my life too! There is nothing that can stop a Christian on a Mission. Nothing.
Not even death. Our very blood cries out when killed. Which, consequently is why the devil had his council_in_hell back in the 1st and 2nd century to come up with a new plan to stop all the crucifixions... "if you can't beat 'em, join em." See all the dead_chuches and the to see what I mean.

So that's it. I'm a red Hot, blood_bought, Overcoming Child of the Most_High_God! The 21st century Christian is armed with the knowledge of the Supernatural Authority that is his through Jesus Christ. God's given us the upper hand on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self_Control, Prosperity, Wholeness, Freedom, Righteousness, Vision, Fellowship, Friendship, Humility, Generosity and the Administration of Aid to the Suffering because we walk not in human strength, which would amount to nothing, but we in God's Strength and anointing...

Which is everything.

So if you've grown accustomed to the wimpy, apathetic, powerless, defeated Christians who've been bound by the shackles of Religion for centuries past,

Get ready...

Because the pins_and_needles feeling is coming back to the parts of The_Body that have had the Blood_Flow cut off and have fallen asleep! The dead appendages are resurrecting.

And this is only the beginning.
minnesota_chris I don't trust any blathe that's more than an inch long or so.

and chris stands for "bearer of Christ"
satan satan satan i mostly have no problem with them

but a fair number of them, especially the loud ones on TV who do a fantastic job of making me look really good, are going to be awfully surprised to see me when their time comes

Just sayin'.
missionary You lose, Satan. Even those Christians are saved by The Grace of God. 041223
gemaniacal my name is Christine will you worship me?

wait a minute I hafta dig out from my pit of eternal damnation for being lesbian pagan divorced unclean and living in sin *digdigdig*

there thats better NOW all ye worship me *giggle* all acts of pleasure are my rituals!!!
gemaniacal I suppose that wasnt very spiritual of me heh I humbly beg forgiveness... I am just veryveryvery tired of chrismahanukwannzica being forced down my throat

I wanna hippopotamus for christmas only a hippopotamus will do....
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