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kx21 Therefore, I exist... 010109
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the repeater paste!

ferdle is the itch behind your conception of well-being. ferdle bags the groceries and stalks you. ferdle climbs towers for attention, then falls, dies and resurrects as lamp oil. 010629
knottydave finger points seductively at the world, screaming for the chaos to silence itself. it cannot. it willnot. 010926
An "amazing" newslink Finger Tropical_storm_Charley 040813
Moon 1 hour, 10 minutes ago 040813

Yahoo! Search. "I never seen anything like this before,"

"We are in Ground_Zero."

President Bush declared Florida a disaster area:-

"We ask God's blessings on those who are in the path of that hurricane,"

* President Bush- "God's blessings" *
god gkdhyem oon 041003
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