chikken Georges Perec says that we only notice anything's happening when there's a disaster. I quote (roughly): Aeroplanes are only real when they're hijacked.

Why does the entire human race focus in so tightly on negativity? Why is your average "good" so negligible? For that matter, why do we ignore neutrality or normalcy?
ClairE Disaster is a complete breakdown.

Plans obliterated. Only when DREAMS go awry can it be called a disaster.

Disaster must be mental then.
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Mahayana ever since 'the disaster', poor phil, just hasnt been the same

little fury bug
"Beautiful disaster...running down the street again."

don't touch me please...everything i come in contact with apparently turns to shit. seriously. it reeks around here where i am.
girl_jane A small one-but it's being taken care of. We'll be ok. 040311
george the green giant "It all returns to nothing.

It just keeps tumbing down, tumbling down, tumbling down."
frayedvine it's turned out to be quite an irrevocable disaster. I'm going to have to kill myself. Well, it's long overdue... 060803
three_single_words imagination disaster divergence 070209
mr song me 070604
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