medea concentrate. breathe. one at a time. you can do it. 000405
amy my eyes focus on's me... and we course through life together. 000410
Spete Focus, foci.

Dear gods!,
I love a word
that pluralizes into an "i".
Particularly this one--
MollyGoLightly I have an excrutiatingly hard time doing this. Receiving genetic material from people with A.D.D. will do that to a person..... 000410
Brad I always wanted to yell it in a movie house, but alas, never had the occasion. 000410
lola in life, i choose not to focus. focus brings pain. (for some reason) 000514
MollyGoLightly Maybe there's something wrong with your pupils... 000515

I need something.
Something sharp.

Something to poke me in the back and keep me from sleeping so soundly.
Something dark to cloud my brain when I think soft thoughts.

Something hard.
Something warm.
Something fun.
Something wet.
clever, even.
User24 Trying hard to focus on it
Trying hard to leave
Trying hard to utilise it
Trying hard to flee
Trying hard to not confuse it
Trying hard to escape
tsora inward
for the inner eye is the clearest of them all
or perhaps the most clouded
I'm not sure which it is
angie *na*
on what is real
on what is boring
on anything besides what the emotional
nothing else matters
distract yourself from what you are really thinking about
only 8 more days of hell
Glory Box so hard on you squinting to catch every nuance. Is it the inevitable temporary nature of our relationship that keeps me so riveted or is it something else? I try to rationalize my emotions, lay them out, spread the spectrum, try to compare, understand where I sit and why I've stopped there. And I keep coming up short everywhere but where you are. I want to remember everything you've ever said, every look you ever gave me, the way you sound when you say everything.

You are my treasure, and I hold your existence close to my heart. I curse the slow deterioration that we face so bravely.
IZID A rather handsome compact Ford plagued by inaceccent recalls. 031202
u24 .. an infinitesimal spot of brilliant light burning everything it contacts. 040107
zanna i can't focus on my goals. i fear failure is on the horizon. 040810
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