MollyGoLightly Men must realize that one woman's sexual attraction to another woman is not "for" them.

"can i watch?"

This ain't the penthouse forum, asshole.
kx21 The colour of Friendship... 020129
kx21 The Smell of blather... 020129
Mahayana i only bUy blather
for the pictures

Perspective_of_Soul She knows that i care. She knows that she creates all that shines within me. Why then do i feel so empty ?
How i wish i could generate some light in her.
Carly-Jo To form a Spectrum isn’t hard
It’s made from end to end
With all the mysteries of life
With everystraightandbend

It’s made of opposites, you know
In perfect harmony
The natural balance theyinandyang
The ultimate, the “Chi”

Night befalls the daily sun
To end and start our day
The spectrum “endsthat time our life
And see us on our way

But by far the greatest gift of all
Is when theseends” combine
To make the dusk, or make the dawn
And make the world sublime

When the moon gleams in a starlit sky
Withfrostyhalo tips
It holds a frail comparison
To the wonderful eclipse

For just a moment, a glimpse in time
The ends meet and are one
To form a miracle of life
A mating with the sun

A man, a woman in their way
Will form a spectrum too
As opposites they will attract
And very often do

But if they constantly contrived
To make their lives as one
The spectrum “endswould be no more
A moonmixedwith a sun

A constant eclipse would prevail
An everlasting dusk
The spectrum would exist no more
A nut trapped in its husk

One can never agree on everything
To try is but a notion
If one ends up, the others down
To give the see-saw motion

But when the balance levels out
And we sit eye to eye
The love I feel for you my dear
Can never ever die

That moment when the night meets day
That dawn, that dusk of bliss
The lunar eclipse oh so fine
That universal kiss

But then we’re on our way again
Back to our spectrum “ends
Until theyinmeetsyangagain
The straight lines meet the bends.
unhinged the way your breath mingled with the words, it was clearly difficult to say. the stark admission of an act you knew your mother wouldn't love you for. an unspoken undercurrent between us always when our conversations strayed to this because you knew the truth about me. (i was compelled to tell you one morning at work in the dark because you stirred bravery in me, the way my heart stretched to you in some rare bloom almost forgotten)

so i admitted something in kind, equally stark; my sexual experience with women adolescent and mostly virginal. i didn't get into the why. you didn't ask but my words seemed like a lightening bolt. you sat up suddenly and stiffly like you were struck by them.

i know i could spend the rest of my life with a woman. how when or why we had orgasms, legal marriage, or children was something i had never had to work out before. the orgasms were mythically being saved for some special occasion since the first experience i had with male orgasms was literally criminal. but i could be just as in_love with a woman. of that i was certain.

my heart keeps pushing you into the picture when i look for the future. what we were taught about romance and sex is hopelessly narrow. my heart tells me that i would love you better than any man. but your mother tells you she would take her love away if you accepted mine.

so i bite my tongue when you tell me that you think you will never find romance again. i ask the waiter to split our bill even though my part was less expensive. i provide for you and hold you however i can without being conspicuous or possessive. that is enough.
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