jane to catch a glimpse of you would be to capture the power of the sun in a teardrop 030617
queen of darkness ...the tiniest of glances...
the quickest flutter of the eyes in a direction...
but a glimpse is enough
it can mean the difference between something and nothing...
or between someone and no one...
mon the eye beckons 030830
Death of a Rose glimpses can be read or ignored. if you do glimpse, take action. 031011
ferret 6 inches man 031011
sleepy* half a moment
and even while the world is still spinning
you start to doubt it actually happened

did you just look at me?
no. i'm imagining things.
you did it again! you did!
didn't you?
now i can't stop my eyes from flicking over
and away again
before i can be sure
(_) last night i
forgot who you were
as if i ever know anything more
than glimpses of anyone
that i am so grateful to catch and want
to hold tight foreveer
in my hands that shake
and i grasp my own skin
for lack of holding you him her her her
safely in cupped palms
that are impossible to make.
what's it to you?
who go