deb eyelids flutter unwillingly
resisting sleep once more
for i can't sleep
or not...
though i know..
reading between the lines
isn't so hard...
i think i'll go to sleep now

or maybe

i'll just have some more caffine
and look for you though you are
standing before me
your eyes smiling easily
and i'll get lost within
the depths of you..
imaskitzo a candle in a hurricane 040323
ba da da magic rock wow and 040324
Oh_So_Smelly I watch your eyelids
They're gently closed, not squinched
I'm touching your cheek
Stroking under your chin

"It feels so good to be touched", you say

That right there breaks a bit of me inside to want for you
To give you whatever so I can see the closed lipped but surrendering smile on your face

Oh_So_Smelly You know, maybe you don't know-
Well, it didn't matter if you were wishing to be somewhere else in your head, with someone else instead of me in your bed
At that moment, it was your smile and your sighs that brought me some Joy
Some calm
what's it to you?
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