kristin@newdream.net can't for too long or else I freak 980819
eric we are bathed in the yellow light. when the sun is hid behind the maternal mass of the earth, we carry it ourselves through the darkness, the sparks of our conciousness. you needn't look for it... look at it. 980903
angela eyes are what i see the world through 990207
Alexander Beetle Where? 991120
marjorie i shalt ascertain it with mine eye. 991217
camille to taste,touch and hear with your eyes 000104
Q at least 000104
camille http://www.finearts.yorku.ca/rwickens/ATTI.95-96/kristin.html 000404
Slve odd page made by odd person 000424
bob potassium braille for the sighted? what could be more useless. it is the greatest thing i've ever witnessed. (seen). 001021
Fly I look at the curent in this slowly moving stream.
I smile with amazment.....
it feels like a dream.
Im speachless as i stair into the something.
Something is everywhere.
You just have to stair.
Look under the rock,
But beware...
Its power will fill your vains,
your heart will pound with feeling...
your mind will fill with everything.
bask in the now..
some way some how.

I look at the movement of this race.
I stand in place.
with a still smile on my face.

The something is all around us.
In the grass, the sky, the weak and the strong
The rock , the feather, the noise and the song.
Its with you where ever you go.
The sun, the rain, the clouds and the snow.
The something hits you on the back when your not looking.
When your at school, sleeping, walking or cooking.
Its in the air that you breath and the tears that you cry.
From the love and sorrow, to the living and the people who die.

The only way to start....
is to find the something...
look deep in your heart.
Open it up....let the light be free.
It will change everything.
And the something, you will see.

I look at the stones that are placed in my hand.
I wish everyone would understand.
I close my eyes and listen to the curent of the stream.
Everyone will see,
when they wake from there dream.
But for now...

I’ll look at the movement of this race.
and stand in place.
with a still smile on my face.
Ariadne look at me dammit! i'm hurting myself for you. watch me be a martyr. i'm doinog it for you. i love you! watch me. see me. love me. i need your love to love myself. see my scars. see me make new scars. see me wish that the scars were on your skin, not mine, so that you could feel the pain i feel for you. 001215
Santa Fire 001222
tourist If you stare at the sun for a bit,
You'll see Neeco waffers fall off of it.
This is true I swear
Every bit of it.
And the retinal scars
You'll later forget.
But years later you'll find them.
While looking through a microscope,
You'll see a strange ameoba-like form
Float away everytime you try to look Directly at it!
How can this thing be so shy?
And then you will remember,
Where you saw that shape before.
As a child not heeding warnings,
Making Neeco Waffers Fall Off Of The Sun!
alfred lord tennis shoe chomsky? 010110
davery what you've done to me now
you've made me perfect
vinny you are the one. Dony lie... Vinny...
The one who, the one speekin is the one who looks apon the screen. You however are the guilty party who incriminated two of which one me who did nothing wrong. Dont spread rumors as@#ole
Chrity go to:
Fire&Roses Frozen moments. Breathless seconds... staring

Look at Me
keeper look at me, see my pain, see i need help, see that i need you 010916
syncratick i think what hurt me most was the fact that, after i told you, you couldn't even look at me--not even my picture. you just closed your eyes, and i left. 020217
blue star look into yourself and you watch God. If you focus inwards you can see the entire universe unfolding in front of you, laying itself bare to be examined. What is the meaning of life? It has no words. Why am I here? Because you have come to this place.

All the knowledge lies within, and needs only to be brought out.
devalis you look at me
what do you see?
my skin, honey
to light to be
truly black
too dark to lack
enough pigment
to just sit back
and try to pass for
something that I'm not

you don't impress
I won't distress
because your mind's an
ugly mess
I know my place
don't care for race
your thoughts remain so far off base
get off my case
don't care to pass for
something that I'm not

so try to put me in a box
imprison me with your minds locks
and call me in a tone that mocks
such clever things, so like a fox

Pochontas then,
oreo (so cruelly meant)
tell me this, I don't understand
how'm I gon' cross the border, yet me naitive to this land?

to put that label on my head
you would have to find me dead
can't believe that you've been lead
to judge the book before it's read
don't try to tell me
I'm something that I'm not

so read my book
take a good look
and you will find
your judgements mistook

my mother is of the mother land
my father's roots are in the sands
of the Phillipines
they're hand in hand
their fingers twined in me

my friends are black
my friends are white
but I don't judge them by my sight
and for you caught in endless night
I hope I've helped you see the light

try to insult my ethnicity
insult the right one
I'm Filinegro, dammit,
comparable to none,
don't try to argue
i've already won
won't claim something
just to be done
won't claim
something that I'm not
*silent screams I can still remember the look in ur eyes. The jolt of hope and the taste of fear consumed my body. You froze me with that look. I can still feel the needles running up my spine and the thoughtless voices running through my blood.
That was the look that told me that this wasn't even the beginning.
..sumtime in our lives this story is gunna play out right...
angie where are you? 030110
florescent light look!!!


my very own blather death is posted on the front page
for all the world to see

...I'm touched.
Jen-Jen Look at me when I am talking to you, that's what they all say when they are feeling lucky and you are supposed to submit yourself to their antics. 030424
nobody special I look at Kasia and she smiles and sticks out her toungue. hehe 030529
niska ... lightnig!

the first storm of summer.

well, it's spring, but i like to deny this season and get right to the goodstuff.
micky jo i honestly doubt he knows what i look like at all
his eyes were always closed or wandering, too scared to look at me
we had a sofa fling, where we never left the couch, just made out, listened to rock videos on the canada station and made watched hbo
even the night the house was empty he didn't take me up to his room
but to be fair.. we did try the floor then... rugburns for nothing
a girl with nothing to say look a puppie! huh? where? 031123
SA www.kx21.com 040610
kx21 M Thanks for promoting

JdAwG When I look into her eyes, I see something. This something cannot be explained with words, but if you saw it, you'd know. It's almost like this something is there for me.
But then I look again, and realize that it isn't. There's nothing there for me. Just emptiness on the inside.
Jen we can look but we won't always see 040913
ninecat the visionary equivalent to hearing.
the visionary equivalent to listening.
the tactile contrast of feeling.
balaguri across the room comunicate
without a word
deciding the evenings fate
kariann look into the eyes of my mind talker. bitch. 050928
no reason those guys tend to go for a specific type of look
i've sort of lost the ability to tell what it is
just mona I am still looking, searching, for things I do not know. 070725
Kat the look on your face tells me you have no feelings of love left for me. 080331
kill look up your arse and work out if that is your future food or not 160204
Alice I'm not dead
I'm still here
waiting for you
I still believe in you
Alice I got no money 4
but why don't you meet me
on Monday at
the caffee next to the art shop
in Maidenhead at 3pm.

please reply so that I can recognise you.
Alice that's maidenead, England, Berkshire,
united kingdom

I will
just want
to you
to see
if #you
me before.
what's it to you?
who go