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Gigo Loma Hmm, isn't that a state or something? like up north above wisconsin. 991110
me? day, canada: the 51st state 991110
deb "to me, england was nothing more
than another american state
like north dakota
or canada"

slc punk
jennifer bad canada
go to your room
jennifer I thank deb for blathering under my name... however see tourettes. 000102
meli I don't actually have a dogsled. 000105
amy finally! some progress on the Canada issue! 000212
sweets bews Canada is big. Bigger than America. And Canada is on top. hmmmm. If the earth is a prison from the rest of the universe, then America is Canada's bitch. 000213
Verdulum The word is capitalized, fools! 000222
lisa_is_bionic Canadians do many things: we ice fish, and collect maple syrup. My father builds igloos, while I romp in the snow with my pet polar bear. 000526
Glory Box Our money is pretty, red, blue and yes, even green. I personally don't own a polar bear, but my yak Daisy is a constant companion. Canada is the last frontier, underpopulated and unhospitable. Not so much because of the wind, but step outside your door and you're in snow up to your shoulders. 001126
Canada boy Didn't Canada beat a neighbour in the 1800's, in a minor scuffle. 001128
datura i was in london ontario when i was three, and i pissed in the pool.

i'm sorry, canadians, i knew not what i did.
grampa kuunta bacon..bacon...its ham dammit. stupid canucks 001202
pat sajak chicken saga phase one? 001202
twadler What the fuck is up with the word..... eah. Is that like a readable questionmark? 001202
tweedle where everyone is nice, but wierd.
where snow is a weather condition, not and event.
where people aren't as stressed as the rest of the world.
where the moose lives.
where you can find actual, real nature.
where it is cold.
Lyle McMahon i realized the most amazing thing the otehr day
that when you are on a mission to take over the world
and you have russia and china and amerikkka and england and all those other atrocities
your set
you dont even need canada because it doesnt count
that is, if your willing to live without syrup and hockey
which, when you have control of the world, i bet you can live without
so if your ever threatened for your life, or your freedom
just move to canada
because, as you know, the only things left after a nuclear war is cockroaches
and canada
and you, of course, cannot be a roach
power through passion It happens to be the place of my birth

and strangely enough,
has a place in my heart

it isn't all about snow and maple syrup
and the money
isn't any more like monopoly money
than most other countries
it's just that America
sees dollars in monochrome

Canadians aren't weird
any more than anyone else
since, after all,
I've never met a person
who I didn't consider weird
if I did,
I'd probably consider them half dead

And for those of you who think that Canada would survive a nuclear war
try looking up a little term
called NATO
and realize that we are all in this
thing, this experiment, together

and we might get nuked together for our audacity

And hey...

back in the 1950s, the Russians would have nuked Canada first because that's where those old US bombers refueled on the way over to Siberia.

So let's be nice to Canada
Allie when Canada comes to mind, ppl are a little foggy. "oh uh isn't it that country where they dont have a president or something?" all I know is that I have the coolest Canada hat from like the 80s that used to belong to Boat Kelley. 010723
Casey They brought us kids in the hall and alanis.
There is only minnesota between us, but I have still never been there. I should go one day
Josh Lamb Canada kicks ass.
No Crime, Lots of scenery, Friendly people.

So shut the hell up.
mr. maple leaf what's all this anti-canada stuff aboot, eh? 011105
US AMA BIN SKYWALKER Hey getting nuked or not, with or wihout your fuckin protection at least were not the ones who were stupid enough to buy everything the politicians told you... Fuckin hook line and sinker... Sometimes I wish I was an american citizen cause then at least id feel it a patriotic duty to nuke my own country. EH! 011207
The Empire Strikes Back Fight the Dark Side EH! 011207
The Empire Strikes Back We americans will do away with all the evil doers! Cause were God... No wait were Batman! 011208
The Patriot! War don’t protect your freedom.. Theres no one who is a threat to the US talking about countries that we don’t arm first of course... yeah cause ya know about all the people we sell arms to... yeah then we start a fuckin war. that war is scary for about a day...Ya man, we give them the old weapons and we use the new ones on them... iraq found that out plenty good... you got the scud we got the patriot... And dont forget our policy... kiss our ass or we'll kick you in the head... But its ok thank JEZUZ! Even Rome fell... its all a matter of time... 011208
Grievance canada is one of the places, that if you live in america, you never hear about expect in a short "oh yeah, and canada's up there" in geography class, and when you talk to australians. Because apparently if your a tourist in australia, and an australian asks you if your from america, a candian will get very angry and obscene. So now if you go to australia, they ask if your a Canadian first.
Apparently, some Canadians are like French people in arrogance towards americans.

The whole thing is sad really, I like Canada.
Drew We don't call it monopoly money here
we call it loonies
cube One of the benefits of being Canadian is that we're not American. We enjoy a similar life style (albeit not as wealthy) while being recognized in the rest of world as distinctly different.

This is understood immediately as a good thing by anyone else in the global village...
kerry beeeeeeyootiful! 020106
ClairE Dude, I found where we can run away to! Montreal is closer to me than Buffalo... 020107
cube Not sure about Dude guy, but i can tell you that Montreal would be much more of a shock to those delicate American sensibilities than Buffalo. It's much more cosmopolitan (read: european) than anywhere else on the continent except perhaps New Orleans.

Of course, Buffalo gets much more snow than Montreal ever did :-)
squigglybee my boyfriend is from canada. i like canada. i'm an american and i say canada rocks *giggles* 020705
cosmopolitan... friendly... peaceful... open... educated... multicultural... beautiful...
We welcome, and embrace, everyone
We are the Peacekeepers
We take care of our sick, elderly, helpless, destitute...
The champions of universal equality...
A free, independent country...
Self-sufficient if we choose...
open your eyes, we are right next door...

abandon your arrogance, pride, rampant nationalism, religious self-righteousness, ethnocentricism, Manifest Destiny Syndrome, etc, etc, etc...
do you ever wonder how you appear to the rest of the world...
or do you even care...
that we are laughing
peer true doh! 030220
Piso Mojado my high school art history teacher gave patches embroidered with the canadian flag to any students who were traveling outside the US. he did this because he had found in his own experiences that people treated him better when they found out he was not american, but canadian.

i thought for a while about applying to mcgill u. in quebec.
niska quebec has little, if nothing, to do with canada. go to Ryerson. 030309
this is me now .....not just america's hat 030309
this is me now i actually happen to have fallen in love with a club and vibe in montreal. i traveled there all the way from san fran. just to go to this one friggin club. and it was so worth it. if anyone is in montreal. you should check out Stereo. its amazing.
god bless canada
cube It's not quite right to say that Quebec has "little if nothing" to do with Canada. Quebec has always played an important role in Canadian politics. It is true however, to say that Quebec is often ignored by the rest of Canada. This is probably due to the_boy_who_cried_wolf effect - Quebecois have so often threatened to separate from the rest of Canada that nobody listens any longer.

And that's already WAY more than you wanted to know about us, eh?
no reason dammit, "this is me now", i was just in montreal a week and a half ago. you should've told me then. ;) 030310
niska what i don't know could fill a warehouse. cube, i want to know it all...

for instance: why does this country have two languages, yet in quebec, english text is illegal, even on products and road signs?

are beer labels in quebec all french? i'd like to see what a french bottle of Bud looks like. is it spelled Budweiseur?
endless desire ayyyyyeee!
will someone just tell me
what vancouver is like
i thought blatherers liked answering questions.
and this is the only one i really seem to care about at the moment.
pobodys nerfect Oh this is cool, I just put in a Celine Dion cd before I refreshed the page and saw this topic! Good timing. :D
Endless--I'd help you if I could, but I've never been there. I've seen stuff about it on tv and stuff. I think it's sort of like Canada's version of California--they almost always get the better weather sooner than everyone else in the country.(Lucky bastards) ;)
no reason i'm not sure vancouver really gets the better weather... it's nice there, but pretty moderate, and rains a lot.

but it's a great place. a big enough downtown area with lots to do, without benig overwhelming, and nice residential areas too. and of course the beach. the university of british columbia campus is beautiful.

the only thing that bothers me about it is that it's sometimes too americanized. there was one hotel there that only accepted american money. in canada. that was a little baffling.

still, a great place to visit.
shivers 2 things, im from saskatchewan but all of my family (aunt and couzins) live in quebec. i love it there, the atmosphere is so much more alive than in a small rural farming community. i have no clue why my parents moved here.
I have only been to vancover once, naniamo. it was soo warm out!! :) its really nice, reminded me of pleasent ville
endless desire ooh goodie. so many replies on vancouver. . .if you wonder why i want to see them, you could visit flowers_from_safeway_is_my_new_favourite (or something like that) i really appreciate it though. it sounds just beautiful. i can't wait until the day i can visit. the more i hear about, the more absolutely enchanted i become by a place i have never even traveled. your descriptions seem to take me there. my imagination travels to what i call home before i have even laid a foot on its soil. it's so comforting. take_me_there 030610
celestopia Aaaaaahhhh Quebec.

Everybody should learn something from Quebec.

But first, in order to explain, a short explanation of canada.

Canada is like america, only we breather cleaner air, have more space, can drink at an earlier age, can smoke pot, can marry whoever the fuck we want, and don't have to worry about getting our asses shot by some paranoid gun-freak every time we step outside.
Oh yeah, and our government actually spends money on things like education and health care, rather than spending it all on semi-religious war crusades and launching endless bits of junk into outer space.

Canada's culture is sadly and eerily similar to america's.

now, meet Quebec.
Quebec has all the abovemention perks, PLUS
it has a thriving culture and music and film industry and many styles of the abovementioned which are entirely its own and not a cheap rip off of britney spears or metallica.

Aussi, nous parlons francais, est c'est une langue plus plus belle d'anglais.

(and we speak french, which is a much much much more beautiful language than english)

Les americains.. mange ta merde.

celestias shadow Rock on, Canada! Power to the people! W00t! --not a canadian, but nonetheless 030831
Death of a Rose I am part of this wonderful little ole northern country.

Vancouver is a sprawling mass of humanity. Beautiful, strange, and in the deeper parts of the city (you know where you are), can be quite scarey.
sk8man44 And what about KEBEK (quebec) 031107
no reason my fingers are numb 031107
dudeinanigloo You wanna talk about cold?! Come live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for three weeks during the winter. Right now it is minus 30 Celcius WITHOUT the windchill factor (5:00 PM, Thursday, January 29, 2004), and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground - so don't start with me!!

And what's all this talk about there not being anything in Canada, and the only things that this great country are good for are maple syrup and hockey?! Our hockey teams aren't as rich, or as good as the US hockey teams, even if we kicked their asses in the 2002 winter olympics (hahaha!!). There are 30 million people living in Canada, and if you took a walk around in Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto, you would realize that this country isn't completely empty. HOW BLATANTY IGNORANT YOU YANKEES ARE!!

We do have an army too, even though it is, as les français say, "petit". Our army is in poor countries making sure that the violence doesn't escalate. We are HELPING the world, instead of blowing it up, like the US army is doing.

Dubya didn't even win the fucking vote majority!! All the time he spent in the army was AWOL doing coke. He doesn't deserve to be your president! He is plaguing you with fear, so you won't complain about your rights getting taken away!

I grant you, Canada is not a perfect symbol of Utopia, but Hockey and Maple Syrup are plentiful (according to you guys). I don't care what certain ignorant people might say about Canada; I love this country, and I hold the maple leaf proudly on July 1st!!

It may be cold here, but you can raise your voice and not be pursued by Secret Service agents. We have great musical talents, great actors, great maple syrup, great people, great weather (that's a perspective thing), and a lot of other great stuff!! So, the next time you say "It's too cold, the puck moves too fast, I can't see any igloos, this is the first time I've worn a jacket, etc.," remember who lives through it day to day, in Canada, your neighbour to the north.

"O Canada, our home and native land..."
micky jo Kurt
Remember the time in government we were 16 and going to drive up to Canada because it wasn't here and by default that made it better?
Now we are older and can drink over there
i am sure we will soon
i want to get drunk with you and watch Canadian bands
everything is better in Canada
because Dubya isn't in charge
Smurf J'aime bien le Canada, mais je sais pas si Canada est Masculin ou Feminem parce'que je ne suis pas Quebecois.

French is so much more beautifull but It's just soo much easier for me to use my first language.
Smurf Canada Rocks!
Unfortunatly the western provinces are becoming more and more Americanized.
Thankfully we still have Quebec and Newfoundland to retreat too when the Canadian Yanks start barking again. Ontario isn't too bad either.

Newphies Rock!
dudeinanigloo Smurf a dit:

"J'aime bien le Canada, mais je sais pas si Canada est Masculin ou Feminem parce'que je ne suis pas Quebecois."


Je ne suis pas aussi Quebecois, mais je connais environ presque un moyen peu de français. LE Canada est masculin. Ah, et aussi, on dit "féminin", pas "feminem". Ça va?

J'espère que je t'ai aidé.
Smurf I have no idea what you just said 040424
Smurf Oh wait, I see it now.
Ahh ok that's interesting
dudeinanigloo Try smurf.
It almost always works for me.
Smurf =p I used to use that for my homework 040425
dudeinanigloo I don't do full sentences with it - that never works. I just use it for vocabulary.

EbilSPorkMonkey I love canadians! 040509
blister holy mother of moses, you guys. looks like everyone loves talking about canada. like me, for example. doesnt look much like blathering tho. except perhaps the fact i use no capitals.

and no, my shift key is not broken.

i am canadian, and i love it to hell and back. i like the people, the scenery, the mountains. (only nicer people live in cuba... hah shortsighted americans! and i refer to only the shortsighted ones of course, not all) i even like the weather, as snowboarding is my life (well half of it... we do have a summer after all) and everybody loves us too. good deal.
globalfruitbat ARGH!
WESTERN provinces do NOT repeat NOT = BC when referrred to by someone CLEARLY from "back east", as we so-called "western hicks" say, tho we may never have lived there.
The STEREOTYPES (blatant and ignorant as they are) are really only applicalbe to Alberta, and then only to those who actually support Ralph Klein in his attempt to impose a rgith wing agenda on the rest of this glorious, open country.
BC-ers are happy people (when not plauged by forest fires, drought or those from "back east" thinking we are all granola eating, hemp wearing, sandaled hippies high on pot...tho that describes a few of my friends/family quite well.) and we DON'T want to become part of our naighbour to the south-not anit-american, just happy being Canadian. Come out west and see how varied we are. Come see the white sandy beaches, the towering rainforests, the majestic mountains, and hey! You can even find some desert in the Okanogan in the summer ifn you want to.
We've got it all here-great beer, the worlds BEST pot and a nice balmy temperate climate.
Just quit lumping everything east of Toronto as "West"!
you ain't past the rockies, you ain't west. the best you can hope for is "central".
puredream Ummm "they" reger to Newfoundlanders and other islanders as Easterners...and clearly they're different too...but you go and be all hot and bothered...tis fair... 040623
puredream Ummm "they" refer to Newfoundlanders and other islanders as Easterners...and clearly they're different too...but you go and be all hot and bothered...tis fair... 040623
pete Actually, "we" refer to everything west of the western ontario border as "the west" and everything east of quebec's eastern border as "the maritimes" and ontario is ontario, quebec is quebec (cause there are so many damn people here), the newfs and the newfs, the islanders are the people from pei, newfoundland, and cape breton, albertians are from alberta, so i guess the west is only saskatchewan and manitoba to us really, because alberta is loud enough that they make headlines, bc is just mystical, the north is also mystical (it is strange how inuit art is a symbol of national pride here), and well ontario is the geographic centre of the country.

toronto is a hellhole, southern ontario, in general, smells bad. eastern ontario and quebec is 'contiental-ish' (they have this shine to them that i can't really explain). manitoba consists of winipeg and farms, saskatechwan is where the rcmp are trained and farms, alberta is oil and mountains and farms, bc is mountains and more mountains, alberta is also pissed off annoying selfimportant people, along with quebec and southern ontario. the mairitimes are fisheries and potatoes and logging and mining and generally in a bad shape.

that is basically what "we" think about "you"

the stereotypes of smalltown central ontario...
pete ps "we" also think of bc as raging forest fires 040624
im canadianeh funny,i never considered my neck of the woods "continental-ish". =P 040624
Ashamed2BeAmerican I'm American, and I'm perpetually frustrated by the rudeness/macho axe to grind/self-centredness/lack of commitment ("oh, I'm too busy to hang out" or just plain not showing up to gigs, get togethers, events, etc. with no phone calls) by most Americans, the vapid "culture" made of Britney Spears, her clones and those shitty rappers and our ludicrous politics.

I'm also tired of our monochrome money (I think we're the last country to not have any colour other than green, save a few threads in our 20's), conservative politics (anti-gay sentiments, ban on pot, the 21+ drinking age [the latter two which just drive up demand, due to the whole "taboo-ness" of it]), and Mr. Bush's obsession with war and the pursuit of non-existent WMDs, as well as his so-called "higher stanards" education reform, which basically says make things harder, but don't improve the curriculi and the kids will magically do better in school).

Yet, at the same time, I wouldn't paint us all with one brush. There are nice Americans, you just have to find us. It's just too bad that that other ones make us all look bad.
3 hours ago Canada denies refugee status to US Iraq war deserter

mon uow they souldn't have. 050324
China What's_next or possible choice for the Poor_Sheep ("US Iraq war deserter"):-

toronto my boyfriend left a couple days ago for canada for a mission for 2 years....i was sad for a while before he left and i cried the night he left...but now im perfectly fine. i dont understand...i dated him for 8 months and loved him...and ive been dreading the day he leaves for months. so i dont understand how im completely ok now and don't miss him that much. maybe im just happy for him- i really dont know! i expected before to be sad for a while...not get over it in a day! is it because i really dont love him or because i prepared myself for it? or maybe it just really hasn't sunk in yet and i just think he'll be back soon. that might be it. im just really confused though. i'm probably just sick of crying because i cried alot the week before. i wish i knew! 050324
e_o_i By the way, it's not illegal to have signs written in English in Quebec... but signs have to be written in French first and then English, with the French in bigger letters... yes, this is just dumb. But then, I am an anglo.
Anyway, Montreal is a pretty cool city- it's friendly, multicultural, and there's always some festival or the like in the summer. Unlike many places in Quebec, most people understand English.
Okay, so this wasn't exactly about Canada in general. I must say, if I wanted to live anywhere else in the country it would be Ontario, like Kingston or somewhere. No particular reason why.
Naomi Tee hee Canada sucks. And I live in it! Well, it doesn't suck as badly now that Harper is PM. When Martin was, I thought I would commit suicide. Our fruit sucks. The people ain't so bad though. Not in my neighbourhood. I live in Toronto. :) Go CN tower! 060418
pete You mean the Harpercrite? *grins at the lack of ingenuity at his own statement, though knows the depressing truth that lies behind it* 060418
fuck you naomi you must be a great idiot or a white rich person oblivious to the truth of things. 060418
Me snow 060430
CP00100 i'm from quebec 070611
pete Happy 140! 070701
no reason i'm constantly amazed at how small it is 070730
backflip but it's a country of course it's small.
the cunts put walls up cos they want more trees to make something called money thats why they called it a country. Cunt isn't a very nice word is it, it was the mens fault - the cowboys, they think guns are sexy.
auburn Sometimes, I think about standing up for you and the 'cold' title you constantly get.

But it's minus 50 (celsius) today, and I'm rather hating you.

*is not leaving her house today.
pobodys nerfect Hey Auburn, i was watching a program on the Discovery channel the other day, and some scientist was saying that during the dinosaur age, Canada was actually was more like a lush jungle type area--he pointed out that the large oil reserves were proof of it (he never explained why).
Soooo...wherever you are (i'm in eastern ontario and it's chilly here today too)just think to yourself, "it USED to be warm here!". Maybe it'll cheer you up. ;0)
p It was actually pretty brisk in E. Ontario today. I was going around with my coat undone, mittens and toque pocketed, and wishing I had one less layer on. I think the oil deposit-from-tropical trees comes from the theory (fact?) that oil is made of prehistoric vegetation. it's some of the oldest organic stuff we still consume! 080128
auburn I actually did know that pobodys nerfect.

I read it in a book about Alberta. Called Mavericks.

It's still cold here today. But I had a lovely chat with a random woman in Winnipeg today, and she was just as cold. For some reason that made me feel better.
thistooshallpass Canada is not part of America and never will be. Canada is not cold all year round. I won't even mention igloos or moose.
I am Canadian and proud of that fact. I wouldn't say I'm patriotic. I wouldn't die for my country. I wouldn't give up my rights for my country. I'm not blind to stupidity and silliness in our politics. I've never seen anyone hang a Canadian flag outside of their home or business except if you are near the border. Canada has a different kind of patriotism. It's quieter. But it's there. I am Canadian. Given the choice I would not prefer to live anywhere else.

People really need to stop comparing Canada to America, refering to it as the fifty-first state or as America's hat. Stupid Americans and stupid Canadians alike need to stop defining my country in relation to its neighbour. We are our own country. We are not America's little brother, we are not America's bitch. We are Candian.
no reason what a weird country right now 110503
what's it to you?
who go