tchiseen why hasnt anyone blathed on this? i use this word like a religion! 040423
dosquatch I totally missed the memo on this one. I've seen it used, but I have no idea of where it comes from, nor what it's supposed to mean.

other than w00t (not wOOt)

An exclamation of joy or excitement
(orig. hacker-speak, then embraced by gamers, then dumped by hackers, now beloved of bloggers)
tyler waters ok, it all started with "leetspeak"
where you replace o with 0, t with 7, i with 1, etc.. there's a bunch more.. be creative
the main ones i used back in the day were 'w00t' '1337'
there's a shitload of possibilities... but i could care less anymore
muddy durden *couldn't* care less 040706
puredream jesse. 040706
tyler waters no no, i assure you i could care less 040727
globalfruitbat he could, it' true. but he uses up all his no caring power by doing...other... stuff??

Right, Mr. Waters?
tyler waters you summed up my character in a single blathe 040902
what's it to you?
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