Quintessensual She's very busy, has stuff, a lot of stuff, to do.

"From our goals we shall not be diverted or distracted," is her daily morning pledge. She has a lot of stuff to do to accomplish her next goal.

It's another adventure, an important one. Something like going to the bottom of the Black Sea. She says she wants to collect rocks of reduced iron sulfide or something from there.

It's quite murky down there, with no oxygen to digest anything. I mean, can you imagine an outhouse pit without oxygen? That's how it must be.

Maybe she can make a bestseller out of it?
bob fish as in everything. Anything and everything can be defined in the singular word "stuff" 000106
sleepless Do I need all this stuff?
All these empty cardboard boxes?
All this rubbish which clutters?
Couldn't I get rid of it?
Would you like all this stuff?
Go on, you would, wouldn't you?
Haven't I told you most of it?
Aren't I always giving you this stuff?
How much more stuff can I take?
Can you share some of my stuff?

Over there - a stack of boxes.
They've all got faded labels.
If you help me clear mine,
I'll help you clear yours.
We've got four months.
Four months, ten days
If you want to be precise.
I need new boxes
For all my stuff
Next year.
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jop simply the best word in the world. its like a back-up word. just use it when u can't find another word. it's just like, great - i love it. it means EVERYTHING! 010820
Astrid a lot of shit.
ha- i like that word.
artificial ways of living. you are soo do what im told ?..
its just stuff, but this things are killing me inside, the akward level of incommunication,you stay being you. nobody else fill your space.say goodbye to anyone when you┬┤re leaving. pass me through like im some kind of pet.even hear of you the sweetest words of "take care yourself"..
to get in my home, drink some tequila, and think.. - got stuff to do, stuff to think, stuff to solve..dont think about that artificial moment she pass you throgh.
yours is no pretty life, but now you made mine worst.
yea, fuck you too.
niska so... do you like... stuff? 030301
killer it is cool 030516
hopturntwotape stuff i like
like i said, i like stuff
to stuff pillows, and penguins
and people that know what penguin meat
tastes can identify them from the stuff they carry with them. isn't that always the way? this and that are mine, this and that constitutes "my stuff" and "your stuff." mine is better than yours, but i want yours, too. we stuff ourselves with stuff...choking and puffing from the suffocating stuff we strap to shoulders that slump from humping the dream some white guy thought of on a plantation two hundred years ago. YOU WANT MORE STUFF...don't even try to deny your desires...or, deny them completely and become the BLAND TONGUE, doomed to lick the silver spoon from a never-ending bowl of luke-warm oyster soup. want a drink of skim milk to wash it down? of course you do. and if you don't, you will.
the black plagiarism plantain plantation planarian planetarium plutonium plagiarism
gimme gimme skim milk
me ...and stuff 030627
me am i being censored?? 030627
me2 maybe i need a new name n stuff 030627
me2 and stuff 030627
Frak ...and junk. 031103
Chookie Stuff is what fills the suits of the fat cats. Stuffing is what fills the cavity of the turkey. But, the question remains, which one is the real turkey? I mean, really, c'mon!

Did I mention argyle? Argyle dreams are what stuff the fat cats are made of. I know, cuz I saw.
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i have a boner 050823
eye wool what for ? are you anal ?

whats with all the packaging stuff..? why do people try to be so perfect... why can't you just write "PURE APPLE JUICE" in hand writting ? it's just apple juice right ?
why all the writting stuff too ?

buy me, buy me, buy me, don't buy the bottle next to me i'm better.. i'm more healthy... !!! for Jades sake !

just have a bottle and write

"this is pure apple juice" on it - what the fuck else ?
maybe a priate joke by Johnny Depp would be good... but don't kill the simplicity.. it causes confussion and then people start drinking the stuff with chemicals in it because you have thrown eye wool at them.

try hard people... its an effing joke !
what's it to you?
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