Ive Gone Incognito

I’m almost 20 and yet I can’t go any wear w/o you or Debs supervision other wise you accuse me of cheating!
squint is insane through
slinky gasp by some
some cookie cutter place mat
tongs and blender
girl group screaming growling maybe purring with a name like that
but i'd like to

rush into the vowels of their words
or make a mix for him and for her
so the epilepsy
will foam into thoughts
of panic and
maybe maybe
tearing paper cuts
and scratching nails
down a chalk board, 80s style
will get it through.
djstar I kept holding my breath in my sleep... 051028
krupt sometimes i hold my breath as long as i can to see what its like to die, i like it and wish i could do it forever. i lay in bed at night and imagine im in a coffin at my own funeral and that people actually miss me, but i knw they dont, theyre just here for the food. 080116
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