psyki i gazed up at the man dressed in black, the man whose duty it was to terminate my existence, and as i pleaded for my life with a silent stare my eyes watered and a tear trickled down my cheek, because words alone could not express my urgent distress as my chin rested uncomfortably on the wooden block

he gave to me no visible sign of mercy or compassion, merely grunted something i could not understand, then turned and received the signal to proceed, then an anticipating gasp arose from the crowd followed by enthusiastic cheering and applause as the metal blade parted the air

bitterly i mourn, for my life was not yet complete, but it was a life half-lived, stopped short, cut off, and thus i begrudgingly lament my fate and hurriedly scrawl these words in my mental journal as piercing screams echo from somewhere in the back of this detached head
syncratic snatch of air due to a snatch of reality 000426
Whitechocolatewalrus I saw him shoot i saw him die, i saw me gasp and I saw me lie "No I didn't see it, No I didn't cry" He was wearing a suit and he was wearing a tie, why on earth did he have to die? 031108
Unnamed Take in one last breath from the dying mother twilight.
She cries for you, and your asthmatic life. Finally, can't you take just one more breath?
z sometimes an exclaimation of aesthetic pleasure. i love this word. 040414
egger yay guillotine! 040415
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