lotusmagic "You have to understand that the affection I am speaking of has no purpose, it is not given with the intention of getting anything back. It is not a matter of feeling- real compassion is without attachment...which goes against our habitual ways of thinking. It is not this or that particular case that stirs our pity. We dont give our compassion to such and such a person by choice. We give it spontaneously, entirely without hoping for anything in exchange. And we give it universally" Dalai Lama 020331
misstree thre are many who do nothing for others, because there is no reward.
they don't understand that every human needs every other, in the same way that a horse needs a fish--everyone will fall down at some point in their life, will need another person at some time. i want to tell people without compassion that if i ever see them bleeding on the sidewalk, i will kick them in the gut.
valentine but where's the compassion in that? 020402
to mega charlize theron is the vice of kings 030325
eXscape something I
was born with little
misstree once_upon_a_time
i really cared

contrast shows me
how callous i have become
and i'm not sure
if i miss my kindness or not.
ethereal for all. 040308
Lady Lightness compassion
? You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats someone from whom he has nothing to gain. 071222
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danny corrective punishment is compassion?

to correct a child from temper tantrum prevents the nonsense lasting a lifetime.

if the child was not corrected, setting limits on adults so they don't exhaust the people who won't speak up is a kind of compassion that stings.

but all is tangled in regret of second-guess with no guarantee that is will all work.
thy 'when we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. but compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative to wake a person up.' - chogyam_trungpa 120117
unhinged is not a luxury for the soft and weak

is the only way that makes sense to me
flowerock I talked with a guy today, I guess I'd label hime as a street_kid_by_choice, the same coversation so many of us have probably had over and over about the evils of government and money and hiw it all works ect... he was holding an injurred pogeon that he has been caring for for about a week now. the bird was nearly dead before hit b a car. now it eats and drinks and moves and just has a hurt leg and wing. he carries it, feeds it, cleans it... he said a he looked to the bird "tgis is how we fight it" (the evil/unfairness ect...) he is soft spoken and quiet and stare very calmly at me when I talk. it makes me anxious, his peaceful calmness, I appreciate it though. his dog was hit by a car and taken by the police, they took his stuff too including his id and did not return any of it. so he can t get his dog back and now has no id. I know he could do both if he tried... but it shouldn t be this way or this difficult.
now he has the bird and wants to grow food in hawaii. i hope he does.
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