Shar I'm going to start kicking like this:


and if you get in the way, it's your own fault!
valis i kick ass!!!

and if you doubt it,
feel free to show me your ass
PiRho to kick is to find the object of your anger (or someting that will suffice)

does a kick find it's home in the pain created (yours if you are stupid or that of the victim) or is the home of a kick lie only in the one kicking. fear promotes kicks and pain distracts fear (or creates more) is a ghost able to kick the one who found the silver dollar on the floor of the salloon or mearly tell him to find a new home. fear is not the most distructive thing but love is the most creative. flowers bloom for the sake of the smeller and pain is the result of kicks

Kiss don't kick (it promotes love {or you'll get kicked [hehe]})

distinguish your extinguisher.

flower and water or a flower in water one makes bread one makes one happy.

bubblebreath i kicked a ball 010103
emersonjay sometimes you *(aforementioned)*,
sometimes you get *(aforementioned)ed*.

that totally kicks!
nice new kicks.
kix-kid tested, mother approved.
is that how ya'll get yer kicks?
Kristopher I said, a-one-two-three STOMP!!
A-one-two-three KICK!!

That's in some sort of song, I don't know which one
shadowfalls throw the first stone at yourself. cause nobody here is clean.
kicked when you're down
when you've come down
when you stooped to our level.
User24 "throw the first stone at yourself.
cause nobody here is clean."

great line. very true, if I'm interpreting you correctly.
endless desire kick the scale.
it never says what i desire anymore.
i've lost my touch. . .
i work so hard,
but where is the result?
damnit frustration.
and then anger towards myself.
what the hell am i doing wrong?
but is this a way to live at all?
go eat your hungry.
i eat. so full. uneat.
no don't do that again.
you know you shouldn't.
kick the scale
slap your cheek.
i'm sorry, not again. you know better girl.
i'm sorry. i'm not crazy.
i'm not crazy.
i'm just hurting
and this is the only thing i know how to do.
grendel jane_says
i'm goin away to spain
when i can
get my money saved
Gonna start tomorrow
I'm gonna kick tomorrow
I'm gonna kick tomorrow
Death of a Rose some righteous posterior. over the hill and far away,

criticize us with your glazed false pictures, you just slather at the idea of adding smell to your wares,

smell 'o vision
ethylene_mermanol I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you

- Cole Porter
n o m up the dirt 120709
what's it to you?
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