amorfus is to sound as sound is to sight

The ol' factory...
workin in the coalmine, goin downtown
typhoid now baby's breath and orchids are a lethal combination.. 000403
fairydust she was sitting in class, correcting the sentence, when all of the sudden, she smelled his scent, as though he was right there behind her. it startled her so, and she turned around expecting him to be there. but he wasn't.
would someone write at me?
calliope i think i love the smell of nature so much
trees smell strong
flowers smell delicious
dirt smells real
mountains smell misty
air in the mountains smells so good
silent bob just the smell of her made me fall deeper. her scent invading my nose, telling me to kiss her. i never thought i could do that. i always wanted a girlfriend that would make me do that: empower me with senses. 000601
MollyGoLightly Smell is really important to me. It's hard for me to like people if I do not like how they smell. My significant other always smells like dryer sheets. I miss him. 000601
Ireland a stranger with a familiar smell
stirs his ghost in my heart
Barrett "It's not me, I just showered!" 000726
FoxFire Cant smell...done too much drugs
Woogy woogy woogy...pants are full of bugs!
Sintina It's weird going into a room that smells different... all you can think of is
"what's that smell?"
Long before you take the room in with your eyes, your nose has already encountered something you don't like about it.
Neat huh?
millie "satan" paullette squidlery my finger 010219
Dafremen Is an overrated sense anyhow. When my armpits stink after a long day of work and my kids wrinkle their noses and say.."You smell Dad!"

I tell them to smell with their hearts, not their noses.
alegra i wonder what his hair smells like, or, if i breathed him in , if it would make me feel dizzy? sometimes feeling dizzy is a good thing. 010411
nocturnal my once and future roommate swears that when she takes Tylenol, she can smell it working. she actually claims to be able to smell Tylenol. Is that even possible? she's a wierd chick. 010412
Dafremen Dunno. Ever smell a smell that reminds you of how something tastes? Or taste a flavor that reminds you of how something smells? I think I've even tasted a flavor that reminded me of a sound once.(Biting on Aluminum Foil - taste/dentist's drill=sound)
I always feel stupid saying to someone, "you know what that smells like...have you ever tasted ___?" I usually get a funny look.
birdmad synaesthesia

i sometimes think that the combined smell of orange blossoms and oleanders on the outskirts of town in the spring is "purple"

certain joy_division songs are slate grey backgrounds with green and blue neon edges

i know exactly what you mean
yoink people change the titles now, so a little work is required to get what you want __irony? 010426
Boner the smell of your own fucky kicks arse.
the smell of other's fucky sucks
distorted tendencies the smell of the ocean and its fresh seaweed. cape cod smells like perfection. 010824
kx21 The string between smell & colour?

Red is the_virgin_of_life and will.

Orange is the ray of change and joy

Yellow is the colour of thought & wisdom.

Green is the experience of peace and harmony.

Blue is the image of soul & goodness

Indigo is the time for reflection and inspirational work.

Violet is the symbol of power & fame.
translucent the smell of your hair... your skin.. i wish your scent could follow me wherever i go... 010916
musings of an indulgent ascetic (another funky mon underneath the fragrance of the soap she had bathed in and mixed with his own nervous sweat at being so near her, he could tell that as he touched her he must have been doing something right as the near subliminal scent of her arousal triggered something in the primitive part of his mind and in other, much lower regions of his body, this time, however his own inhibitions and unwillingness to venture too far too fast took hold of him and as a result, his approach was playful instead of lustful, but highly affectionate nonetheless 010916
zenfishsticks i want a boy who smells like home. 020108
ilovepatsajak aww zen i'm down with that 020108
cest moi odor (puaj) 020214
i'm not afraid of evil smells..
cheer-up-emo-kid my boyfriend smells like cigarette smoke... and I love it. 020524
kx21 A flavor of String... 020525
somedaysam bacon frying in the skillet, gasoline, wet forest, clothes drying on the line, an ocean breeze, fresh cut grass, patchouly, baby powder, a just opened can of coffee, campfires, plumeria, fresh paint, new shower curtain liners 020525
blown cherry the nihilist You smell so good.
I walk past your jacket hanging in the staff room, and I can smell you.
Sometimes when I'm standing near you, or downwind, your scent drifts towards me and I am lost.

I can still smell you on my pillow,
so I can breathe you in all day long while I sleep.
angie Jess had some leaves in her hospital room. They smelled wonderful. It was like aroma therapy or something. She might die soon. At least that is what Ive heard. I never know what she is thinking. I wonder why this is happening to her...and her family. What will happen when she finally does die? Will she be happy? Will she be reincarnated? What will happen to her then? Hopefully something good... 020525
vette the very subtle part of you that hangs about my room - even after you've left 020606
Emo-bemo-philipeno I smell you bastards, your not replying, i hate you all you can all go to hell in a flaming ball oifpig fast you stupid bastards cant read my spelling so suck my left nut tom, quit laughing at me i hate this music you shut up aaron, your fuckin nuts i said shut up shut up shawn gquit playing with your remote, play with my balls play the search for saque play with a loaded gun play with that fine fine music depite my butt you can eat my goober 021012
birdmad salt and sand and kelp and ocean and fire in my mind 021013
Queen of the Wrench You know you're friends with someone when you can tell them they smell and they don't get offended. 030710
person robert says i smell like froot loops. ^_^ 040723
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Smell, perceived when in contact with the nose,
Without that contact is non-existent.

that which is not always present Be a means to achieve perfection?
HidingOnTheWall When he leaned over me to look at my computer today, I noticed that he smelled like spearmint and pipe tobbaco. I didnt know he smoked. But it made me smile all afternoon. I thought of that and wondered what his mouth tastes like and if the rest of his skin was as soft as his hands.

He's way too old for me, and he's married.

Its sad to think that I wont see him after this summer. I'll still think about him though.
*SuPeR^ChIcK* I can still smell you. It would be a dream come true to touch you again. 060218
seizure you fucking smell, fatty 060523
no reason it's hard to come to any sort of conclusions when i can still smell you on me

and i have to say i prefer the smell than the concluding
what's it to you?
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