charley the reason for human being.. new experience anyone? fun. 980906
blind that which i have none. and that is why
no employer wishes to hire me.
tarin unique to the individual 990605
mathias loaded word: is it the source of knowledge, or merely an accompaniment?
where is your reason now?
lisa a helix full of dna bubbles
chewing at my insides
spit hurl and churn
I seek to write haikus
and fragment into shards
broken mirror
the death images
they all cry
fingers outstretched
I take the shards
and worm my way back
I am this
cause and effect
megan somethink i dont have a lot of.
my boyfriend says i live in my own little faerietale world, and he doesn;t mean it in a good way, although i guess he's right to some extent. i find pleasure in the small things. does that make me simple? and if it does, so what?
Nate Higgins I now know
Not what I should do
But what I would do
If I ever cared to
Find this place and time again
lotusflower what i crave. 000213
Free I used to think I had an experience, but I've come to realize that I am an experience. 000408
Silent Bob Life. Living. Travels. Food. Sex. Drugs? Perhaps. Anti Experience. Attraction. Top 40! Wow! What A Difference! 000603
Amber S. Something that only you can gain and only through time, sorrow, and joy. But what we experience never allows us to be the same. 000606
syllaspring it calls my name, wondering where I am. But if it finds me, it will want to race. And I can't win. There's something in the air, and I can't breathe so well. Why didn't I listen to Steve? Why doesn't he take is own advice, and open his eyes to what's right in front of him? He has no experience in this sort of thing, that I understand. Still, it's the risk that brings you where you want to be...eventually. 000721
misstree everything you've ever done, learned from. the scars


chanaka the bedfellow of cynics 010115
Destination? You, Me, Here, It doesn't matter
It is all relavant, valid, true.
Different to every breath, yet never less the rank. The strive, the drive, to push forward and move on. No two lines are ever the same for the creater has a different route in mind. The forward, the back, the in, the out, breath it deep, it flows within, making every one unique. The anticipation, the memory, the hunt, the remorse, the reason tomorrow comes. To feel the sun and and wind, to live the life of interation, to keep on moving forward. To stop experiencing, is to stop living.
-opiate_womb- is it better to experience ? or to not experience?? 010805
Skalar is what we're here to accomplish. 010805
god here to scowder , here to powder 011222
(scurrying) cube Damn that lil' gnome! Did anybody see which way it went?
Casey novice 011222
lizard Our experiences make us. Meeting this person, at this time, can change the course of our life. But will you ever look back and think what would have been different? Would you watch that friend, or that lover walk out, and then a year later, regret having let them go? Would you remember killing a bug, and regret doing so? Our experiences shape not only us, but those everything else. We throw ourselves into an ocean of people, and a ripple is sent out. Just how much of an affect do you have on the world?

Would you ever feel that you have no affect at all?
amy whooo... that was a lot of food on that there table. hooo. hooo. i've had to hyperventilate in order to digest it all. 020531
je5icafletcher my philosophy teacher says you can pretty much decide your denomination of religion by rating these 4 things
and comparing your order to the order represented in a church's doctrine. that's the order i put mine in. that makes me.... uhh... i don't know.
but i think experience is the determining factor in every aspect of everyone's life.
Christopher Kendalls Morality
By Chris Kendalls

95 years from now
To think of yesterdays aspirations
Times that war held the nation captive
Aspirations and dreams I had with my wife

At this age, the best you can do is to feel like you're 65
My outline defined clearly in the mirror
No body fat to hid my frame anymore
Actually wearing a size 28 again

A medium that falls off my frame
You could push me over and kill me
In many ways I have not changed
All except that, I am ready to die

I am sure I have answered all of her questions
I never did what anyone wanted me to do
I was 50 before my friendships began to endure time
Once they did, I actually began to feel younger

I remember we thought we would not see the 21st century
To be honest I am not looking forward to the 22nd
The world is entirely too perfect
I can no longer handle it
It makes me cry every time to think about it

Maybe I will confront Logan’s worst fears
I always wanted to die in the metropolis
The sophistication has died in me
As long as I am alone when it happens
No one has to experience my departure from this earth
superstrings this holy reality
this holy experience
Jelsol I'd rather experience life than have to participate in it. 030804
Majoun Exerience
Nothing on the whole
Nothing at all
All gone soon
cedar what i want in life: love, friends, travel, experience. Experiece is good. sometimes I do things and think maybe I shouldn't, but afterwards I'm happy about it. I'm happy to have had some bad experieces, not that I want bad things to happen, but seeing as they do, I'm glad to have learned from them. I don't want to lead an easy, boring life! no! Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Get the blues! Be in Love! Have your heart broken! Live it deeply, fast and hard, do it all. 050107
krupt how could anyone define experience when they dont have the experience to do so? 050130
nina It grows on me, the experience. I cannot shed it and it is heavy gear. I will outgrow it if I can last that long. A feindish fiesty thing that calls to you before you know it and then it's with you forever. A funny thing for me to say I guess but I feel nothing else right at this moment. 050204
nicho Like dangerous sex in an alley way. 050801
epitome of incomprehensibility "Experience is the best teacher". Who is the best student? 050813
who i am doesnt matter anymore even with all of the time away from you, new faces, new lives.

all of my experiences.

id run back to you in a heart beat, you never gave me the chance to tell you.
but you did give me the chance to realize that.

what a great experience.
syllaspring what i needed to learn, was so expensive that it could not be bought 060109
what's it to you?
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