moonshine From Christmas trees to circumsion, by no other excuse but by tradition. 001206
typhoid traditions may also be transient 001206
Norm My football team has alot of tradition. On the way to the game we all hang our heads and don't speak a word. We get to the stadium and we go nuts.

On the way back we sing our chants and we shout our hoorays. "We're Trojans, we're Trojans, we're far from our home when people see us they leave us alone. We drink to get drunk we smoke to get high! We're Trojans, we're Trojans so fuck off and die!" "This is Trojan territory! This is Trojan territory!" and we sing the Flinstones. The entire way back to the school we sing and cheer but the moment we turn onto our street we all sit down put our helmets on and hang our heads as we go by the other school on our street which we haven't beaten yet, the moment we pass the other school we all stand up and chant "This is trojan territory!"

Tradition is deadly in football.
Aimee My family has so many traditions. Even everyday routines are like traditions. 010908
p2 fuck tradition.

couldn't you tell
how non-traditional i was
when you met me?
or when you heard about me?
about what a punk i was?
threatening the school bully in the halls?
the ponytail,
the bald head,
and the bleached hair?

even though
i think it's an unnecessary expense
you're still getting your white wedding
i gave up
my poolside bbq wedding
and jumping off the highboard together
to represent
our big "plunge"
so you could have your
rented country club,
tuxedos and aisles,
and all that jazz

why is my getting a ring
so important?
if we can save a few hundred
why not?
yes, the wedding itself will be more than that
but the comparison doesn't detract
from the fact that it's still a few hundred
we could use elsewhere
at least we can put it off til later
when we can afford it

why is my wearing a ring
so important?
i'll have a tattoo wedding band
whatever the ring represents
the tattoo represents more
it lasts longer
it can not be temporarily taken off
it's a serious commitment
and it shows you what i'd endure
to be with you

that's no reason to do anything
in fact
fuck tradition.
x it sounds like you are definitely marrying the wrong person and need to back away immediately 021204
p2 sorry
just needed to rant
all better now
thanks though
Syrope today my dad came to visit. i was pleasantly surprised to see mom stayed at home. we worked on fixing my dryer, then ate lunch, then watched the new brian regan special.

i used to think he might understand, if he could see how happy i was. i'm glad i didn't take that chance. you'll never be anything like him...i'm betting he could have seen that
what's it to you?
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