andrea pardon me if my appearance is a bit...er rough...dirty...unkept...i've simply not thought of it nor paid it much mind as of lately. the way i look doesn't really matter when i'm lying in bed, sobbing my eyes out for no apparent reason besides the fact that i've started and i can't seem to find the off switch. my eyes are bloodshot and there are 8 pound bags under them that wouldn't be noticed if i returned to my dark room littered with crumpled kleenexes. my ratty, unwashed for days hair wouldn't seem so incredible if i'd stayed locked in my comforting space. i know these clothes are wrinkled and look like i've slept in them...I HAVE FOR THREE DAYS, SO FUCK YOU!!! it's 3:12 am and i honestly didn't think anyone would be at the store this late...early....I just wanted some mocha nut fudge ice cream. 991229
valis my dog ate it.

and he'll eat you if you call my mom, you nazi.
wailer I'm full of them...It's just nobody believes them. 000121
skiblu valis, I've quoted you on that :-) 000724
wind & rain i know the feeling
been there
wind & rain very nice, I like your style...do you want to read mine?? 020210
broken please excuse me
i gave it to you and you broke my heart
so excuse me for wanting time apart
you grabbed and threw me to the floor
so excuse me i dont want to see you anymore
you broke all your promises to me
so excuse me if i treat you differntly
with you i live in constant fear
so excuse me if i no loger want you here
you threw my feelings back in my face
so excuse me for asking for some space
i stay up all night for you and weep
so excuse me if tonight i want to sleep
with you - pain i always felt
so excuse me if i ran for help
you are always so set on being right
so excuse me if i lied to avoid another fight
with i could never win
so excuse me for not running back to you again
from me you always found something worth taking
so excuse me if i cant stop shaking
with your strength you held me down and yelled
so excuse me if i no longer feel compelled
if i ever left you-you threatened to die
so excuse if i take a moment to cry
you made me drink liquior that was full to the top of the cup
so excuse me if i left you for a second to go and throw up
you made me so vulnerable and weak
so excuse me if some strenght now i'll seek
you constantly remind of what i lack
so excuse me if i dont want you back
please excuse me
somebody my dog ate it 040401
sisyphus too young and afraid
or too old and knowledgeable
or maybe those, too, are the
Syrope she didn't say it, exactly
but somehow i know
we're back to how we were
what's it to you?
who go