me? i've noticed i'm usually the only one around late at night.
oh, nevermind.
elimeny "I really did try to make this easy on it wouldnt be so hard, so you wouldnt feel so guilty..."
"Yeah, I noticed. And I thank you."

"I hate reacting to situations the way people expect me to. I go out of my way to react differently; to BE different."
"Yeah I noticed, and that explains so much about you."

So? Nothing wrong with that.
I thought I was a good person,
a quality personality.
So why did you give up on me?
I liked myself....
and I like myself now.
So there.
Silent Bob ...and maybe you'd notice me if i spiked my hair and dyed it green...

and maybe you'd just throw eggs at my house and call me a faggot.
mee Does he notice the way i adore him so? 010127
Chrity go to:
krist Has anyone ever noticed how when you wear shoes for a really long time your feet get all sweaty and then when you have to take your shoes off and you're wearing socks (you should be wearing socks, unless the kind of shoes you're wearing are sandals or high heels or something) and you have a hardwood floor, the bottoms of your feet kind of stick to the floor through your socks, and when you walk away you can see the print of your sweaty foot glistening there on the floor? Well I have. 030416
silentbob it's weird. i notice that when i am addressing blather people, and other various internet people alike, i refer to them by their internet name, even while talking to them. with few exceptions. 031217
stone crack 070309
no reason i'm never the one who is 070531
hush your words..

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