dallas there was really was nothing better. It just happened and stayed happening, and the days went on and on. And we cried and we became tired of each other. And then the sun came up and we went on with our days and pretended nothing of the sort had happened. 980826
ang does it. 990121
adam is the opposite of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 990212
drew what's so easy about sunday morning anyway? you know you're gonna have some shit to do that night for early monday. i always thought of saturday morning as being a little easier on the palette... even when i can't wake up to enjoy it...

oh well, it's still a good tune...
kat i like my eggs over easy 990405
ceorl gentle, relaxed, agreeable, fleeting 990427
coldtea very rare
usually we're uneasy.
Zed and it came back to me.
how to do it.
easily I became consumed by it
and the tumor vanished for awhile
mind over body, matter, time and space
and dust.
but for a moment, a long moment,
it was effortless & I forgot all else.
daxle "I'm not a slut. I'm just easy. You should thank me for being so cooperative." 990429
Jeff @ Newdream Usually a euphemism for the political stance chosen by most individuals. 990528
emsie none of this was easy for me either. it wasn't as though you were the only one feeling like that. i felt bad almost all of the time and wished I didn't have to feel that way. i was (and am) afraid. of what, exactly, I'm not quite sure. i'm over it (more or less) now. i just couldn't deal with all the change that was dealt to me in such a short time. I felt abandoned, alone and sad. and i couldn't say how I felt because i felt bad. i love you too. let's put it behind us. 990919
amy easy as a word has a very clear association for a relationship described here at the top of this page. and also hard. easy and hard like a double mask on one person.

an omission kind of typo- it's easy, no?!
amy that's easy for me to say. 991225
Brad Easy like Sunday morning. 000403
fairydust it was easy like walking away.
easy as pie.
"Get in the kitchen and bake me some pie, woman."
easy to bake.
easy to shove down his throat.
grasshopper i'm easy. the word looks funny when you detach the meaning from it! 000502
Equin0x Everything can be easy, but you won't get the most out of it that way.
Of course, that never stopped me.
slut what my friend Rebecka is 010328
bluedaisy33 you were intrested in me when you thought i was easy but now that you know you don't care 010328
Sol life would not exist as it is if things were easy, the route to advancement is always difficult, the trick is to ignore it and progress along it without direct thought. 010418
Photophobe I spend so much time fighting against myself.
Straining not to call, aching to shout or to challange or to declare.

But some strange mix of love and chivalry holds me back.

Until I am overcome. Its so easy to give in... An mental addiction never recedes, 21 days later you can maintain it, but its never gone.

When she turns around to claim me, I'll always give in. I can't help it. I never wanted to be born a Capricorn.

Too easy, but too late; you'll see me later.
josie .. for me to bleed here with you, for me to hold these palms face up to the sky... easy for me to see the body of a warm hero and the soul of a unique heart.
..for me to close my eyes and feel you're the only one who understands, without the words that have to redeem my faith.. easy for me to awaken with the music in my head, the passion to hear again and the need to express my desire to love you.. easy for me want to grant you all the happiness you deserve..


easy for me to not understand what's really going on yet..

easy for me to hurt the most precious soul i've known..

easy for me to be slammed with karma and never be allowed to move with you again..easily the most painful death i could have brought upon myself..
confabulation i made the mistakes...
but even if I'm thought of as "easy", I'm not.
I'm sooo over it.
silentbobfuckyou i never realized it was this easy to just slip into this bad a mood. 010712
Casey Welcome to my world Silent bob 010712
Dis Panicked, I called him. I knew he'd make things better again.

He has a sweet voice, like sugar made nervous and brittle, like rock candy.

"I'm always here, and I'm all ears," he said. He means it when he says it. There is nothing he wouldn't do: Do I want him here? He'd come. Do I want him to talk all night? He would. I told him my sorrows and he devoured each one; as if they were written on tiny slips of rice paper, they dissolved in his mouth and were gone.

"You've made me a nun," he said.

(He meant to say priest, but the visual would not have been as striking. Nuns wear wimples, and keep custody of the eyes. It is not enough that they resist temptation, they must go so far as to be completely blind to it.)

He said this because I am the last girl he has kissed. Well I will be the next one, too, and with that sweet, warm reunion the stars will hang brighter in heaven.
Dis Hmmm, I'm not so certain this was true, now. The last girl? Impossible. That must have been... a lie? Surely he couldn't have lied, that's so unlike him. Alas, we are all imperfect. I kissed him just the same, and was thankful for every sweet circumstance that put his hands on my hips.

"Besides... I talk about you when I'm with her."

I sighed, rolled over, and went to sleep. I think I want to be his girl.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . easy to me:
the subject English and anything related to it
making a website
not being immune to spicy food
telling my crush to go screw himself when he's being a jerk
making myself laugh for no apparent reason
being weird and random
birdmad ...for you to say 011025
Motomu She is easy! 011117
Miffey easy come, easy go. 020207
haveyou ...peezy Japanesey

emmi everybody wants me to be what they want me to be
i'm not happy when i try to fake it

i wanna be free, just me
Syrope the part of me that keeps waiting
that keeps getting my hopes up
and keeping my standards high

is slowly dying

and is being replaced by this sinister little bitchy part, who can't wait to see it happen again
who can't wait til i'm let down again so i can be right
so i can be justified

and we all thought i wasn't one to take the easy way out
pubescent i gotta save this 050301
Morton I'm easy like Sunday morning 060313
silentbob Easy, easy
My man and me
We could rest and remain here, easily

We are tested and pained by
What's beyond our bed
We are blessed and sustained
By what is not said

No-one knows what is coming
Or who will harvest what we have sewn
Or how I’ve been dulling and dumbing
In the service of the heart alone

Or how I am worn to the bone
By the river
And in the river made of light
I'm your little life-giver
I will give my life

Haven't you seen what I’ve seen
Don't you know what you ought to do
I was born to love
And I intend to love you

Down in the valley
Where the fields are green,
Watch my luck turn, fro and to pluck
Every last daisy clean
Till only I may love you

I am easy
Easy to keep
Honey, you please me
Even in your sleep
But my arms want to carry
My heart wants to hold
Tell me your worries
I want to be told

Sit and see how the fog
From the port in the bay
Lays like snow
At the foot of the Roanoke

Hear the frog going courting
Till the day he croaks
Saying even then
How there is light in the river
And there’s a river made of light
Come on you little life-giver
Give your life

Who asked you
Who asked you
If you want to be loved by me
Who died and made you in charge
Of who loves who
All the livelong day
If I have my way, I will love you

But One can't carry the weight
Or change the fate of Two
I've been waiting for a break
How long's it gonna take
Let me love you

How about it
How about what I have to say
How about that livelong day
How am I gonna stay
Here without you

Easy, easy
You must not fear
You must meet me, to see me
I am barely here
But, like a Bloody Mary
Seen in the mirror
Speak my name
And I appear
Speak my name
And I appear
And I appear

what's it to you?
who go