deb half my face illuminated
the other faded all away
until the features
of my form
have melted into
backround noise
and i sit here
slightly sad
but accepting
the truth
that i was wrong

perhaps i told myself that
just to keep my sanity
MollyGoLightly Sometimes "vanished" is such a relief. 000402
Tank weird. i wonder where they are or do they have a new blather name..? i miss wierd... 010707
kid andre Hold on.
I won't admit that it's too late.
Harlequin What if one day you vanished? Suddenly and without a trace, just like how the word sounds (it even ends abrubtly with no trace in your mouth), you were gone. No clues left behind for the detectives that will never come. Not even a shoelace or a crum from lunch or your lucky keychain.

Not just you where you were standing, though. The entirety of you. Your memories and your effect upon the world. Ripple marks that might've changed the ocean didn't just fail to turn into waves; they didn't exist. Your mother and father and family and friends and life were fornever changed because of the lack of you.

What if you vanished?
what's it to you?
who go